Monday, 14 September 2009

C76: E-penis embiggeningation, MOSAIC.WAV photobook impressions

Click photos for much larger versions. From Left to Right, Top to Bottom:
  1. melo9 「めろめろ☆さま~ちゅ~ん」, melo9 「めろめろ☆きゅ〜と」, みりん 「ピコピコ電波予報」
  2. Birdtune 「れいん IOSYSリミックスCD」, ave;new projecto 「あらら、ど~も☆CHUぅ」, みりん 「プルプルおもちゃ箱」
  3. 紅魔城伝説 緋色の交響曲 AKA Touhouvania, Albatrosicks 「STAR CRACKER」, Impetuth
  4. とろ美 「SECRETORO×MEROCONCERT」, とろ美 「エトロジィ」, Holic Service 「エネルギー冷麺 もうこはんっ!」
Missing from this picture is Veil's 「Veil ∞ DENPA!!!」 CD because... well it was sold out. But it shall be mine one day, yes it will. On the other hand, I got my hockey gloves on an elusive copy of MOSAIC.WAV's JapanExpo "photobook". Yes, "book", because while it's still an extremely cool collector's item, it's still nothing more than a glorified brochure (18 pages). It seems quite a few of the pictures were taken directly from mi~ko's blog and from a few professional sources that you've all seen by now.

The booklet describes their trip to Paris in a chronological order, with the actual concert occupying the middle pages. It's interesting to see their reaction to the armed soldiers patrolling the airport. As could be expected, they hit a bunch of so-called Japanese restaurants to see how different the food would taste. There are a few sections dedicated to their exchanges with the French fans. Another interesting blurb is about how she was surprised to sign an Amusement Pack CD, even though they didn't have any for sale. Then they spent some time visiting landmarks such as La Tour Spirou Eiffantasio and L'Arc de Trimeuf. Since I'm such a huge fan of his, I would have liked Kayapi to share his own account of the concert and event, but overall I'm satisfied with this photobook.

Good luck getting yours! SUCKERS.

Extra-special thanks to an extra-awesome someone!


Christian Hernández said...

Your are an really fucking bastard hard-core fan!!!! ^o^

I'm really impressed about your collection... O_O

I met Haruko Momoi in Mexico, but I love all the Akihabara related singers... specially, Sakura Saori... ^^

OMG, man, you have a really good collection :P


Sedeto said...

I'm on the mosaic.wav photobook...
I'm a fulfilled fan.
(Pink nekogirl hidden by a strange plush at the center of the group photo)

Merci la brigade SOS francophone, merci le Kumikyoku !

Unknown said...

uma^2 ⑤
no pas

kumasanmk said...

Nice LOOT, man!
They contact me back to send me a version of the "photobook" as I provided the group picture, but I gave this opportunity to the original photographer. Don't know if he got it though...
Glad to hear Mi~ko wrote about me again.
See you, you lucky bastard!


Wow! Amazing!!
So lucky for the photobook in Paris, I'd like to see it, but I can't order it 'cause I live in France...
Can't you scan it or take more photos???
It would be soooooo nice from you (^w^)
And thank u for the MOSAIC.WAV's news ! :)