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Saturday, 29 October 2016

M3 2016 Fall Denpa & Moe Songs New Releases / 秋M3-2016 電波ソング・萌ソング新譜まとめ

Not time for many comments this time around, sorry my dudes! Sorry to be late but enjoy & try and buy what ya like!


ave;new feat.佐倉紗織バースデーライブのライブ音源
あ-01a ave;new
??? Yen

3 tracks recorded from Shaori's birthday live. M3 limited release!

MOSAIC.WAVは江ノ島・江ノ電の夢を見ない & しらすCD
あ -13a,b MOSAIC.WAV
1000 Yen

Book & CD set by み~こ. They will also have their  recent pro (non-doujin) releases いでおろーぐ! 革命組曲 and 青春ブタ野郎は恋する幻想曲の夢を見ない. (2000 yen each, includes pins.)

ポヤッチオ あ14a
400 yen

The school with everyone's favorite uniforms are back! And more importantly, 愛原圭織 is back! Although the first track is a remix, the second track is totally new.

あ14b MMBK.COM (&A-22b(Alternative ending))
500 yen

あ-15ab twinkle & おんがくのじかんっ!
1000 yen

あ-15ab twinkle & おんがくのじかんっ!
700 yen

い-06a Studio 10colors
800 yen

い-07b きゃらめる
1000 yen

い-08a コトノハルカナ
1000 yen

い-09a 妄想の旅団
500 yen

い-12a るりる電波部
500 yen

い-13b ぬるぽっぷ楽科
1000 yen

い-19a おでんぱ☆スタジオ
500 yen

い-20b ミズイロノヒ

6 tracks but exact contents unknown but expect something like this!

い-24a  秘密結社はみはみ
800 yen

い‐27ab 星空隊
200 yen

(Sample here!)

い30-b らめれこ
1500 Yen

い-31ab あぃ☆どるちぇ
1000 Yen

Classical music, denpa style! What a concept! Give them a warm welcome! (ヨギリヲサクスミレ also has one cute track.)

い-32a liqueurprime
500 yen

Track 2 sounds too awesome!!

い-32a liqueurprime
500 yen

い-32a liqueurprime
500 yen

Same circle as above, 3rd track is nice and cute!

Bravely x Connect
い-32a liqueurprime
1000 yen


か-17a ぐうのねサウンズ
???? yen

Lovelicot - 1st Album "Primary*Step"
か-21a Confetto
1000 yen

ケ-17a,b メヤスバコ
1500 yen

First mini album and sounds promising!

ケ -37a,b Halozy
"1 coin" (Any coin(!?))

No sample yet, so not confirmed to be denpa, but ななひら is involved, so I'm guessing it will be.

800 yen

Track 4 in particular will appeal to some types of denpa fans.

結月ゆかり CD「クロワッサン」
コ-20b 株武会社ワイ・エヌ・エンタープライゼズ
200 yen

Another one for some types of denpa fans. You know who you are.

シ02ab IOSYS
1500 yen

First come first serve bonus: sticker. The logo is by ねこめ! のみこ sings on it! And more! Wow!

Spooky Halloween Tour
シ02ab IOSYS
1000 yen

シ02ab IOSYS
1500 yen

(Already released at Reitaisai, but first time at M3.)

シ-11b しなもんしゅがー☆
300 yen

A-01ab  Sugar Bunny*
1000 yen

Sweet*Bitter Chocolat.
F10-b Sweet*Bitter Chocolat.
500 yen

candy box
G-12a U-ske SOUNDS
1000 yen

Secret Patisserie
I -18a  七色ビタミン
???  yen

K-23a ピンキーロケッツ
??? Yen

Non Denpa 非でんぱ

A-01 Mamyukka
2000 yen

First best of album, one new track. まめこ has several denpa-ish songs in her library, but this album seems pretty lacking of them.

A -08a 少女理論観測所
1000 yen
One track from ななひら on this all female vocal CD with several cute tracks.

あ-09a,b tatsuta recordings
???? yen

Pretty cool tunes with ななひら, なゆ, y0c1e, かめりあ...

え-01b みかん汁ふりかけ
2000 yen

2 disk best of release from みかん汁. Many denpa fans out there have a soft spot for her. Definitely not a denpa release but many familiar collaborations like ななひら, かたほとり, はるなば...

い -15a,b humming kettle* ×
??? Yen

Blue jewel
500 Yen

『喫茶ハッピーベイビー menu.1~喫茶店の始め方~』 おためし版
い-32a liqueurprime

The Seventh Seal
キ-01ab SKETCH UP! Rec. + Binzokomegane Girls Union
1500 yen

ハンペン甲子園 ~8bitの なべが にえる!~
コ17-a,b ハンペン甲子園&桃紅葉
100 yen

完全優勝 ~I/O/P SELECTED VOL.03~
シ02ab IOSYS

You know the drill, one cute ななひら track among the cool dance music.

Girl's A thought
F-01 a,b Room97
1000 yen

1000 yen

One track from miko.