Saturday, 7 September 2019

Denpa collection for sale!

UPDATE 2019-09-28: SOLD!!! Watch this space for an eventual online project which may feature parts of this collection. Thanks again to EVERYONE who contacted me, whether for a few CDs or the whole thing, or just to drop some kind words my way. Special mention to all the denpa thread anons. Much appreciated!

Hi folks, long time no talk! I've been busy with real life stuff and although I still check into the latest denpa news every once in a while, I'm closing a big chapter in my life. I've thought about this for a long time and the day has finally come: I'm selling my denpa collection! Of course I'm doing this to fuel my untappd addiction to put my kids through college (yes, that'll do), but I'd like to think someone out there will really enjoy owning these CDs rather than them just staying in the closet for another 5 years.

Named by yours truly, now yours to own!

You're looking at more than 200 items from the 2007-2014 era, mainly CDs but also a fair amount of swag such as bags, books and posters too. The crown jewel is by far the Extravagantly-Extra-Equipped Edition of MOSAIC.WAV's 5th album, but there's plenty of obscure trudenpa stuff too. You have near-complete collections from Odenpa Studio, 33.turbo, ちぃむdmp☆, Holic Service, Birdtune, etc.

Psst... I heard you like odenpa studio?

Everything is in great-to-mint condition, with the overwhelming majority of items still being sealed. A few of them have cracked cases (very minor), mostly due to shipping from Japan. Almost all of these were bought directly at Comiket/M3/you name it.

プチリズム fullset!

I've inventoried every single item in this handy Google sheet, including closeup pictures and links to the best source of information I could find about each item. I can absolutely take more pictures or provide more details on request.

Now regarding price. Shit man, I don't know. What I do know is it will probably cost a buttfuck and a half to ship this stuff over to your place. All items are located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in case you can do local pickup. Otherwise, I want to say I am flexible and open to offers and I am neither expecting a couple hundred nor a couple thousands dollars. But.... somewhere in between.

"And now for my next number, I'd like to return to the classics"

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

C92 New Denpa Song, Moe Song releases ・ C92電波ソング、萌ソング、その他の新譜まとめ

Update 8/10 22:00  :

World.Masaya.Mucic  :  Added sample video
魔法少女まじかる★きいさま   :  Added credit of 立秋
けもの湯  :  Added crossfade!
手焼きCD (七色ビタミン)  :  Added
悪魔と天使とスキとキス : Added
マンボウアクリルキーホルダー Added
KParaMUSIC Collection Vol.1 〜Pure Wing〜 Added
秋M3か冬コミで大型アルバムをリリースするまでの間を繋ぐ前フリCD  Added details

Here we go again! To be honest I haven't checked everything yet so there may be some wee updates later! Ordered by circle space in Japanese alphabetical order. (It's easier to map out that way!)
The big album coming later is planned to have over 20 songs with both new and old songs. It may be 2 disks or separate releases.

Denpa & Moe-ish Day 1 Friday 8/11

秋M3か冬コミで大型アルバムをリリースするまでの間を繋ぐ前フリCD Updated 8/10 22:00
あ05b 2-dimension
200 yen

(No image)

task of 2-dimension has stated he will do a small scale release as a preview for an upcoming album.

Details added! Various songs special versions of songs planned to be included in an upcoming big album at M2 fall or Winter Comike.

あ-06a ポヤッチオ
1000 yen

We are already up to 5 in this series?? Since when?? Sounds great.

あ06b & 東ふ-37b
1000 yen

A new full album from the usual duo, themed on 「和電波ソング」.

あ15b ばーどちゅーん or 東モ14b ほりっくさーびす
1500 yen

The first album of つきみやまどか from Holic Service! 7 songs and 3 off vocal tracks. They also promise a new free CD at あ15b.

あ15b ばーどちゅーん

A free collection of nanano's favorite tracks she's sang! A must get if you don't have these songs already.

あ16ab SEQUENCE・yksbdance
1500 yen

New release from MOSAIC.WAV is a collaboration with yksb, and also features a track with vocals
by 根本凪 from 虹のコンキスタドール.

あ-17a Confetto
1000 yen

The human version of Shaking Pink (??) pomme'tto is back with 10 tracks this time!
Check out the very cool goods for the upcoming きゅんステ concert too!

ありすのステージ マカロン☆アンコール
500 yen (download card)

An update to the music game in the open Idorhythm series using ななひら's voice, with a new song by かたほとり. The previous song from NanosizeMir is included as well.

ぬ12b 利香
900 yen

2 vocal songs, plus drama and instrumental tracks.

Various goods
ね42a チワ倉屋

ave;new's 佐倉紗織 offers new goods of her original character, but no new music. She also drew for a Twin Angel R-18 doujinshi.

SPACE POP MOMENT/1stShot Added 8/10 22:00!
ひ28B uyabit
1500  yen

Nice fancy release with famous composers, the pro seiyuu 竹達彩奈 on vocals, and includes a manga too! And the cover is by you know who!

へ25b コトノハルカナ
1000 yen

Part 2 of 立秋's awesome original series is here, with the return of an awesome cast of singers as well.

ヘ31a おんがくのじかん
500 yen

Miss "choco" and "hiroty" team up in a new unit.

pastel a la carte
へ32a marine stars
1000 yen

A long anticipated new release from marine stars is finally here! Features cover songs and original songs.

へ33 ハッピー音楽堂
800 yen

安倍ようこ returns in summer style with some familiar friends.

へ34b るりる電波部
500 yen

A mysterious kindergarten that exists as a shared dream between several girls who accidentally drift to sleep.

へ35a 妄想の旅団
500 yen

More cute and funny songs as you would expect from いのっち!

よこ de マリオネット
へ-35b 茶柱工房。
700 yen

Denpa powerhouse まろん has teamed up with 柚子こまち for their first release.

World.Masaya.Mucic Update 8/10 22:00
へ36a こいけまさ屋
???? yen

A collaboration between こいけまさ屋 and 秋原るき? (I think...) The singing is by 月宮うさぎ as usual under a different name. And also as usual, "high resolution" music, and no samples. (I'm assuming that title is a typo...)

Update: Added sample video! Nice!

へ36b RieMeloParfait
1000 yen

綾瀬理恵 wrote, composed, and sang 3 new songs for this release.

へ 38-b みるきーぴんく
1000 yen

No sample or crossfade, but the composers are ひろて~ and かたほとり!

へ39a とろみせ屋さん
??? yen

You can never have enough とろ美ちゃん!

へ 40b まめいちご
600 yen

3 cute tracks from the popular duo.

へ 40b まめいちご
600 yen

Precure fans check out this cover CD!

魔法少女まじかる★きいさま Update 8/10 22:00
へ 40b まめいちご or ぬ22b IGU
300 yen

Opening song and voice drama of 妃苺's original mahou shoujo character. Can't find any samples.

It seems 立秋 penned the song on this one!

imu vocal collection
へ-41A VerAll
1000 yen

A collection of 10 tracks sung by VerAll's imu, including one new song!

マンボウアクリルキーホルダー Added 8/10 22:00
ふ37a アルバトロシクス

A new keychain!

Some new release with ココ? Added 8/10 22:00
ほ08b‏ Innocent Key


手焼きCD Added 8/10 22:00
ほ09b 七色ビタミン

ちな is rushing to burn some CDs with one song + instrumental. Preview and more info coming, but probably will not be posted here on DnS in time so check her twitter.

シ69a Halozy

Although they have no new release planned, this could be their last event in a while, if not the last forever. If you need a CD of theirs, I would grab it now!

テ39a Croire
???? yen

Features 立秋 with a very nice track with some moe-rap bits.

Denpa & Moe-ish Day 3 Sunday 8/13

悪魔と天使とスキとキス Added 8/10 22:00!
メヤスバコ Y34a

Erogame with a very fun opening song to hear in the link! I think it's just the game and not the soundtrack.

Denpa & Moe-ish Commercial Booths

企業ブースNo.3231【Ex / TinkerBell】
3,024 yen

A collection of 保科めぐみ's cute and sweet songs. Autographs on Sunday at 14:00!

Non Denpa Day 1 Friday 8/13


Some awesome chiptune music!

2000 yen

ななひら on one track, and a shout out to mitomoro for having a remix on the album!

1500 yen

Another single ななひら track plus the cool instrumentals and other guest vocals.

We are "Lite Show Magic" and あーゆーゆーけーつー!? -R.U.U.K.TOO!?- /
あ-18a "C.H.S"

1000 yen

Check that version of すーぱーぬこになりたい on the 6th track!

1000 yen

Track 2 is fun!

lyrical blue
あ63b ひなころ
???? yen

Overall not enough to be denpa, but some cute tracks. I think the first track could be denpa.

な38b car.ess
500 yen

My friend's quite cool Vocaloid club music release!

22b IGU
1500 yen

Drama CD with 4 vocal songs, but no samples. Some familiar cast members, but don't know who sings.

Update 8/10 22:00
Added crossfade!

ね 32a
500 yen

Some cool gameboy anison remixes.

Magical Mixer
ね41-a ゆーしえ(YUC'e)
1500 yen

Chippin' Party #02

Nice chiptune tracks!

Happy Day Tou You
の35a ちかげ(仮)

へ24b かぜのねれこーど
1000 yen

A best album collecting songs by 遥風啓司. The music tends to the soothing side, but includes tracks from many denpa singers, so you can hear another side of their voices.

私立桜歌女子学園 お料理部
へ26a のほほん。
300 yen

ほ-05a‏ Bassy
???? yen

The first track has a nice denpa influence.

シ74b Alstroemeria Records
1000 yen


モ17b フーリンキャットマーク
1000 yen

A touhou remix album in the style of アキシブ系 - a fusion of Akiba and Shibuya-kei music.

Sugar Zone
モ44b マホトア豆腐店
500 yen

Some rather nice cute style instrumental Touhou remixes. It will also have download sales on Booth.

Non Denpa Day 3 Sunday 8/13

ほ01ab しろぷろ×クレバスランプ
1500 yen
The latest volume drama and song series featuring some denpa song favorite singers.