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Saturday, 29 January 2011

Exclusive interview with Stein Gar Coo

Stein Gar Coo is an interesting circle, in many more ways than just a curious name. Although their first album 「stein gar coo」(November 2008) wasn't billed as 電波系, it's not like it's too far off the mark. The focus was on "yandere-rock" and they delivered admirably, especially with (the ridiculously long-titled) 「一方的な感情は理想的な結末を導くのか?」 which features twisted guitar licks and tormented vocals, both male and female. Then you have 「めざせ!モテカワスリム」 which is borderline moe-song, even though that was probably unintentional. "Cute girl" vocals will do that!

They followed this up with a hilarious superhero-squadron CD 「読瓜戦隊ハラレンジャー」 (August 2009) which included OP and ED theme songs as well as 50 minutes of voice drama comedy! In fact you can sample the hot-blooded opening theme and the entire first story with this illustrated video. Denpa fans probably only started paying attention to Stein Gar Coo with the release of their third album 「sweetCHU kiss」 (October 2010) which featured three brand new original tunes. As if that wasn't enough, they even got BB Lemonade on board (おでんぱ☆スタジオ and Melo9) to inject some denpa expertise into these songs, giving them a familiar and comforting sonority in the process.

Currently, the Stein Gar Coo members are working on their fourth project 「いらない子ゲーム」, which will be a visual novel! For more info, please refer to their website as well as official blog.

- Please introduce the doujin circle Stein Gar Coo and its members.

Our circle "したいがぁるくぅ" features three main members. We have two singers: "kick" (female) and "椎夜" (male). "めがね" (male) plays the guitar. Of course, we are always open to cooperation and frequently recruit collaborators when making new work.

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Japan Firsthand: Bullet Soul and Phantom Breaker impressions

On January 8th 2011 at the Ginza Pasela Resort in Tokyo, 5pb. Games held a showcase where reporters and gamers could try near-final builds of their two upcoming games: Phantom Breaker and Bullet Soul. The former is a fighter and the latter is a shooter; neither of which try to reinvent their respective genres. In fact, one could even assume that 5pb. Games are going right for Arcana Heart and Cave fans, because there are so many similarities going on. Nevertheless, both games do bring their own flavours to the table and may even surprise the most jaded gamers out there.

All pictures by CRIMExTHINK (click them for larger resolution)

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