Wednesday, 5 August 2009

C76: New ave;new projecto maxi single, Saori radio collection

Alright folks, Comiket 76 is only just over one week away, so let's get the news rolling. ave;new will be at the convention for the first time, under their new d;VIRTU distribution label (they love the shit outta semi colons). As well as regular ave;new merchandise, they'll be pushing two brand new releases, namely an ave;new projecto maxi single titled 「あらら、ど~も☆CHUぅ」 and a Sakura Saori double CD 「radio♪佐倉紗織のLoveLoveLovable!vol.1」. They'll be at booth 992 in the corporate section.

Although they're calling it a "maxi", the new ave;new projecto single only has three full songs (and two karaoke versions). What's more, two of these songs are actually remixes, but their description is promising so we'll have to give doreCHU benefit of the doubt on that one. You can listen to a very short sample of track #1 (the only new song) on the ave;new blog, but you'll have to sit/skip through 12 minutes of Saori Sakura and Rie Shirasawa being obnoxiously cute about this hot summer we're having. Well, I don't really mind them, but fair warning.

01. ダブル♪SHOOTING☆ぱるちゅ!!
02. 続・生意気☆いちごミルクDAYO!!-ツン成分63%増 CHU(当社比)-
03. ふわっFuワッホー☆メイプルまじっく!!-どれちゅ、今は黙ってて!みっくCHU-
04. ダブル♪SHOOTING☆ぱるちゅ!!(カラオケ)
05. 続・生意気☆いちごミルクDAYO!! -ツン成分63%増量CHU(当社比)-(カラオケ)

ave;new's own little princess will be getting a double CD which, as the name suggests, compiles most of her internet radio shows since late 2007. The first disc will contain 30 episodes, available as high-quality 160 KBps MP3 files (their oxymoron, not mine). Now I am not exactly familiar with her radio act, but I believe she assumes the persona of "chiwakura", which is a clever pun that incorporates "sweet nothings" into her name (edit: read comment by paranda for actual explanation). The second disc features 2 songs, the first of which is most likely the full version of the show's opening theme. The other track is a full version of a theme song which a.k.a.dRESS wrote for some TV drama. Then we have the obligatory karaoke versions and some "hard" remix of the radio show OP. Not sure they couldn't have fit all of these on one disc, but the whole thing is a pretty sweet package deal either way.


First 30 episodes of 「radio♪佐倉紗織のLoveLoveLovable!」 (mp3 / 160kbps)


02.everybody LovableNote!
03.チワ倉さんのラブソング -HARD dRESS STYLE-
04.チワ倉さんのラブソング (karaoke)
05.チワ倉さんのラブソング -HARD dRESS STYLE- (inst)


paranda said...

Chiwakura-san is basically this cute dog that she draws (who is totally not her) and she plays the character by saying everything in an EVEN HIGHER voice and adding da~wan to the end of every sentence.

You can listen to a sample of her debut single "Chiwakura no Love Song" in the latest show.

Full version + remixes also gonna be bundled in with the radio collection :)

paranda said...

Bit of additional info about the radio show: It involves her answering fan mail and requests with a few different themes every episode (top 3 list, motivation shout outs, challenges, general questions, eating sweets, etc.). It's actually really fun to listen to despite the banality of it all and you'll learn such things as how much beer Saori can drink.

The song included on the CD got made because during her one of her challenge segments, somebody challenged her to make up Chiwakura-san's theme song and so she delivered (skip to 27 minute mark). It's worth hearing just for the ridiculous clown BOING sound effect shoehorned in alone.

Chiwakura-san is Sakura's original dog-girl creation with backstory invented by her listeners. At the end of every show, she has a segment where people can contribute more things to the character, and she'll occasionally assume character to act things out. She also gives away an official Chiwakura-san button pin to the "MVP" of the episode, selected from fans who got their mail read.