Friday, 7 August 2009

C76: MOSAIC.WAV Japan Expo photobook

Mi~ko and Kayapi haven't announced an official single release yet, but MOSAIC.WAV fans who attend next week's Comiket 76 will have to get in line for at least one of their new goods. Indeed, they will release their first photobook, which chronicles their early July trip to Paris through pictures and personal recollections from both members. No word on the number of pages, but the size is A2 (17x12), which is making me feel slightly remorseful about asking a friend to pick it up for me. Furthermore, a 3-page sample shows an average of 12 pictures per page and some lovely little illustrations that are sure to perk up the whole thing. For now the book is exclusive to Comiket attendees, but if they're somehow stuck with leftovers, they'll sell the rest online. I wouldn't be surprised if they made more copies anyway, like they did with last year's concept mini-album.

As previously reported, they will also perform a full live set on the last day of Comiket. Fans who purchase both the photobook and a 1500yen ticket to the show will get the bonus CD 「おはよう!パリだよ」 or "Good morning! Paris it is". It appears that it only contains one song (as most Bonus CDs do), namely their own version of the popular 「みくみくにしてあげる♪」, which is set to be the first track on the upcoming 「Heartsnative」 CD (more details after the C76 rush). It's not clear if the lyrics will be modified to incorporate various France clichés, but they sorta did the same thing when they released their "We Love OOSU-POP!" Bonus CD four years ago so it's not completely out of the question.

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