Wednesday, 15 July 2009

MOSAIC.WAV to perform (new Pachinko Theme) at Comiket 76

NET CORPORATION JAPAN is huge, no two ways about that. They've been rolling out popular slot machines all over 日本 for the past 15 years, raking in hundreds of millions of yen in the process. You might remember last summer's story about mi~ko singing her first pachinko theme song, that was a NET product too. Surely that went over very well with fans all over the country, so they're repeating the experiment this year with a new game called ビキニパイ. Yup, "Bikini Boobs". Straight to the point, with extreme prejudice. Kill'em with the obvious.

So the song itself (and the presumed moneybags provided by NET) are good news enough for us fans, but NET decided to up the ante this year by promoting a MOSAIC.WAV concert on the third day of Comiket 76 (August 16 2009). I believe they've played the event in the past, but those were possibly impromptu "rogue lives" or certainly not as fully promoted as this one is turning out to be. SHAM STUDIO sent an email confirming that this will be a "full band performance", so their cool-cat drummer GanChan will be up on stage with them.

Oh while we're at it, you can bet your ass MOSAIC.WAV will release a new single in less than a month. If their track record is anything to go by, we will get news about their 7th single in the second or third week of August (recall that 「こどもざいく・やみもざいく」 was a "concept mini-album"). Of course there's still the slight chance that their recent focus on touring could have taken a toll on their creative juices, so if they sit this one out, well no one can really blame them. LIVE DVD, BITCHES!

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