Friday, 24 July 2009

Holic Service's next megaton gets full-length sampler


After teasing with a few samplers, Holic Service just released the full tracklist of their next release, which is now way more of a compilation than a straight-up KuKuDoDo feat. Gumi album. In fact, Gumi only sings on ONE of the songs! Regardless, we're looking at around 40 minutes of fresh new denpa-infused Touhou "arranges" that will likely set the bar for these things in the future... not that UK-obsessed KuKuDoDo has much competition in that field.

Of course the big news still remain the addition of 井上みゆ (INOUE miyu) on track #6. Go ahead and download the 9-minute long sampler MP3, it should certainly give you a better indication of what's poised to become one of the biggest denpa hits of C76. Miyu hits at about the 4:10 mark, in a performance that is slightly uncharacteristic of her, but nevertheless much appreciated. Here's the complete tracklist, with the original Touhou songs for each track.

01 : エネルギー冷麺
   (原曲:エネルギー黎明 Arrange:KuKuDoDo)
02 : 融通が効かない程度の能力
   (原曲:スカイルーイン Arrange:KuKuDoDo Vo:KuKuDoDo feat. Gumi)
03 : 小さな小さな三原則
   (原曲:小さな小さな賢将 Arrange:KuKuDoDo Vo:彩吹えい)
04 : 人肉ディテクター
   (原曲:春の湊に Arrange:KuKuDoDo Vo:奥村りお)
05 : 中国情歌
   (原曲:上海紅茶館 Arrange:KuKuDoDo Vo:Nimo)
06 : アンニュイな猫のためのセプテット
   (原曲:亡き王女の為のセプテット Arrange:貿易風 Vo:井上みゆ)
07 : 貧乏巫女のスゝメ
   (原曲:少女綺想曲 Arrange:貿易風 Vo:海月やみん)
08 : まじかるさくやちゃんスター☆
   (原曲:フラワリングナイト Arrange:nmk Vo:都築きせの)
09 : 恋する程度の能力
   (原曲:信仰は儚き人間の為に Arrange:Rolling Contact 天音 Vo:紫月 菜乃)
10 : 幽雅に食せ、桜餅
   (原曲:幽雅に咲かせ、墨染の桜 Arrange:貿易風 Vo:蒼野真月)

Still in the dark? Make sure you check out Holic Service's in-depth profile.

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mandichan said...

Nice.. I am looking forward to this one :) Thanks for the heads up on the sample.