Friday, 10 July 2009

ave;new projecto's 「A LA MODE 3」 out sooner rather than later?

So the second ave;new projecto album finally came out a little less than a month ago and already, it has been a resounding success with the masses. Says who? Says me, motherfucker. But don't just take my word for it, doreCHU (that's doreCHU様 to you) and crew have been dropping a few hints that clearly indicate the third album won't be another 2 and a half years in the making.

First of all, they are holding a whole bunch of auditions for all of their active "branches" if you will, with ave;new projecto clearly positioned on top of the list. The only requirement is to be a female vocalist with one hell of a moe voice, as age and experience (pro or amateur) will not be factors. Basically it's Moe-Denpa Idol, come one come all, as long as your voice makes our ears bleed rainbow-colored bunnies. Interestingly, they will also run auditions for bands, so it looks as though they are ready to form a distribution label as well. By the way, last year's audition winner 白沢理恵 sings 「ずっキュンFEVER☆純愛えんじぇるLOVER!!」 on 「A LA MODE 2」. Yep, that one song that runs at 200CPM (CHUS per minute).

OK, so maybe that wasn't such a big hint, but here's the second clue. They ran a contest where fans could name the lovely POPさん-designed character that appears on the cover of 「A LA MODE 2」. What's in a name? Lots, especially in terms of marketing power when it comes to future editions of their denpa workhorse. Not to mention she just got her first promotional video! Poor girl was nameless until July 1st, so what did the savvy ave;new fanbase come up with? 「ももえ☆ぱるちゅ」. Yeah. It kinda sucks, I know. The first part, OK, makes sense, I guess. Second part? Humour me with your guesses, dear beloved-but-fictitious peanut gallery. If we take out the CHU part, that leaves us with PARU and that's not a word as far as my 外人 ass knows.

But I guess it's supposed to be a heart-melting pun on "pulse", because a runner-up came up with a much more clever nickname 「佐藤ぱるす」 and describes it as "sweet denpa thoughts" (佐藤 is the name Satou, which also means sugar!), and as you can see, we have a proper "pulse" here, which does tie-in with the whole denpa waves concept. That would have gotten my vote. Enough over-analyzing for today! Here's your short and sweet 「A LA MODE 2」 review: "HAI HAI CHU CHU KYUN KYUN YAYYYYYY" Suddenly I crave for strawberry milk... huh, wonder why?


Anonymous said...

Well, clearly it's an abstract play of 'Halco Momoi', with only a syllable changed from 'Momoi' to 'Momoe', and...

Well, 'haru' to 'paru' is an easy change. 'Ko' to 'chu', though? Well, a DoreCHU homage had to be worked in somehow I guess.

Anonymous said...


paranda said...

A LA MODE 2 to me was pretty much defined by Saori barking like a dog in Fuwaffuwahho Maple Magic

Also I think it was the latest LovableNote, or the one before that where she said there are so many damn chus in every song, she couldn't even remember them and apologized for screwing up the chu-timing during Sukissu STEADY Kiss!!

Atsuro said...

I thought Fuwaffo was all 柚木涼香, no Saori. But maybe she did the background vocals/barking like you claim.

Same deal with Steady Kiss, I guess?

No love for the highly-suggestive 生意気☆いちごミルクDAYO!!, Paranda??

paranda said...

I stay away from that one :3 Fun to listen to, but more unsettling with repetition.

Re: Saori on background vocals
She does the "haihai" and "chu" bits. For Sukissu Steady Kiss, the chu screw up occurred when she was doing it for their last live concert.