Sunday, 3 August 2008

Mi~ko sings a... pachinko theme song??

After years of singing top notch eroge theme songs, mi~ko was recently asked to perform for the other end of the dubious gaming spectrum AKA the pachinko slot machine industry. The latest product from industry veteran Net Corporation is 【アカネ55】 (Akane go! go!), based on an actually good-looking new IP that's sure to turn heads. I'm not kidding, I am actually feeling the strange desire to play pachinko right now. There are currently two ways you can hear the song, one is by playing the short 30 second sample on the bonus page (1st item) or by checking out the promotional video (annoying registration required).

But of course most respectable Japanese promo videos get the NicoVideo treatment, so save some time and skip the registration. Among other things, it features classic "evil laughter" from チョイワルン at exactly 4:20, so if the prospect of my favorite anime cliché present in a mi~ko song isn't enough to get you to check out the promo, then I don't know what will. What's that you say, you don't know how to register at NicoVideo? Why don't you ask the internet for some help. Sadly (and this is according to mi~ko herself) since this is not official MOSAIC.WAV work, a single CD will not be released; so good luck getting your hands on the full version! (drop me a line if you ever find it)

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