Monday, 25 August 2008

List of MOSAIC.WAV blogs worth your time...

This is your typical seiyuu/JPop singer blog with lots and lots of daily entries about food and recent gadgets. However mi~ko pushes a bit past the mundane by offering some exclusive news to her readers, sometimes days before they appear on Sham Studio's or MOSAIC.WAV's own official websites. She also makes sure to reply to most of her fan's comments, which is really nice from her. You can tell she's in charge of the band's PR and public image. She also puts up really nice pictures from time to time, so it's worth adding this blog to your RSS list.

KOIKE-aniki is a man of few words, so instead he lets his pictures do the talking. His blog won't give you a very deep insight into his every day life. However, he likes to post his opinion about his new musical toys and gadgets, such as foot pedals and various effect panels. Honestly though, most of his entries make very little sense. A dark & mysterious man indeed.

Definitely, this guy has one of the best jobs in the world, but the mere fact that he's a drummer automatically means he's cool. Of course, having never witnessed a live MOSAIC.WAV performance before, I can't vouch for this guy's prowess. But I'm willing to bet that they went through many auditions before hiring him. Besides, from the comments I've read he's performed admirably so far, even on faster-than-a-bullet-train songs such as Amusement Pack. If you take the time to browse his blog, you'll find many interesting backstage pictures featuring mi~ko, Kayamori-san and Koike-aniki.

上条あきらさん is a huge MOSAIC.WAV fan, in fact his reporting stretches as far as late 2004. The rest of his blog is also very entertaining, with tons of his own artwork and splendid Japan pictures. I have this feeling _all_ Japanese folks are natively good at drawing manga-style art.

Other worthy links:

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