Saturday, 23 August 2008

American Chiptune feature documentary

愛撫 sends word of a new chiptune video documentary produced by 2 Player Productions, currently showing on Pitchfork TV. So far only chapter 1 is available, but the high quality values are striking and the objective coverage is refreshing. Note that the whole thing will be screened at Penny Arcade Expo (Aug 29-31) before coming out on DVD sometime this year. They are basically documenting the current American chiptune scene, complete with a couple of interviews, technical information and live footage. Definitely worth your time, if only to witness a bunch of awesome sweaty people having a blast freaking out to 8bit tracks wearing Cave shirts or cosplaying Tetris L-blocks.

Do you readers think I should cover more of these American chiptune artists? If I haven't made it clear by now, 8-bit music is one of my favorite genres. I'm also a big supporter of nerdcore in general, thanks to artists like YTcracker and MC++ among others. I do have one interview planned with an American composer, so please look forward to it. That said, there's a strong chance I'll be over in NYC for this year's BlipFest, as it's on the same weekend as my JLPT exam (Columbia) Those of you looking for more underground chiptune events in NYC should check out Pulsewave.


Anonymous said...

See you at Blip fest :D I love this kind of music too~

asif said...

hi thanks for posting about the movie. please note that you can still watch the entire film for the rest of this week, not just chapter 1. Simply scroll down on the right hand side to select chapters 2-10. Also: Chapter 2 begins playing automatically after Chapter 1 ends and so on....thanks for the mention though.

電波の世界 said...

Hmm you're right! Didn't see those. Either way I'll be looking forward to the DVD. Do you have any info like exact release date and extras? I can't find anything about it on the 2PP website.