Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Two MOSAIC.WAV singles to be released at C74

Holy fuck, talk about serious business. Just two weeks ago, I was writing about how I didn't expect much out of C74 given that no MOSAIC.WAV singles had been announced. Then last week I found out about a long-announced eroge single that was finally dated for C74. It features two new tracks from DigitalCute's first game, 「むすめいく!-musumake-」 but I held up posting about it until short samples would surface. Now Sham Studio do us fans one better by announcing that the official seventh single will also be sold at the Russell Booth this weekend (C74 is August 15-17) and in stores August 29 on. This is actually a collaboration between Chambers Records (eroge single) and Russell, so those who purchase both will receive a bonus artwork item (the fantastic alternate jacket up top). Better yet? Samples for both singles are up so let's take a look.

Title: 「迷惑メーリングGIRL 」
Status: Official Seventh Single
1. 迷惑メーリングGIRL 
2. あなたの隣のバンパイア
3. デジタル・ラジカル・シンドローム
4-6. Off vocal versions of tracks 1-3
Release Date: 2008年08月29日
Artwork: ひろひろき
Listen: Sample MP3, Lyrics

This is an announcement that took everyone by surprise, as no one was expecting MOSAIC.WAV to offer anything official at C74 until it was announced by Sham Studio. Well, they may have hinted at the release during their AnimeTV interview, でも私の日本語は、まだ上手じゃありません。They just speak so fast! Only the title track was offered as a downloadable sample, so far. "Trouble Mailing Girl" is a hyperactive little track that was no doubt inspired by scumbag spammers around the world. But in typical MOSAIC.WAV fashion, they turned the subject around in a dainty manner for everyone to enjoy, complete with a brand new character for the fanboys and fangirls to fawn on. There is a lot of piano in there, Kayamori-san really went all out and once again created a new sound that remains in line with previous compositions. I absolutely love the natural flow despite a large number of captivating layers playing at once. The full version must be even greater, not to mention that there are two more tracks to be enjoyed... can't wait to get my filthy hands on this!

Title: 「むすめいく!-musumake-」
Status: Eroge Single
1. たべごろ☆1/2ふるーつ
No information on Off Vocal versions
Single Release Date: 2008年08月29日
Game Release Date: 2008年10月24日
Artwork: DigitalCute
Listen: Direct Download
Website: DigitalCute (NSFW pedobear-style)

Like I previously said, this one has been known about for quite a while, but DigitalCute have been very slow in releasing teaser audio. Now we can judge for ourselves whether that delay was justifiable, and it's safe to say it is. The two tracks are definitely right up there with MOSAIC.WAV's best eroge theme efforts. 「たべごろ☆1/2ふるーつ」 is extremely cute and features a sweet, uplifiting melody that would work particularly well as an intro theme, though that hasn't been specified yet. 「FLY-ALONE」 on the other hand really feels like an ending theme, with its serious overtones that would also work very well for an anime series or even an RPG opener. I'm thinking Namco's Tales Of series, they have often resorted to 神田美苑 and other Japanese artists for their intros. No information has been released concerning the inclusion of Off Vocal tracks, which is a bit odd. Additionally, I'm disappointed that a drama track hasn't been included, this is after all a DigitalCute promotional item and they can put anything they want on there. They probably want to save these for later so they can gouge their game's fans even more with various vocal CDs.

So now I guess you readers know what I'm going to be writing about come September... *le sigh* the life of a MOSAIC.WAV reviewer is such a painful one!


電波の世界 said...

Feel free to post your opinion of the new songs, short versions they may be. The "large article" I've promised hits this Friday, so stick around!!!

Nadirah said...

I loved 迷惑メーリングGIRL and FLY-ALONE. I agree, the piano in 迷惑メーリングGIRL was especially great, I'm really looking forward to the single (and the off-vocals!).

I'm really pumped up for C74 but unfortunately next week is the school holidays for us, which equates to going to my grandmother's house. So, basically, me = internet-less. orz I just know the releases are going to be hell to get once I've missed only one day of C74.

Anonymous said...

Can't find them anywhere.

Nadirah said...

Hmmm same here. Is it me or is #moe kinda dead? Ah well guess I'll give it a few days...

Nadirah said...

D'oh, never mind. Foot in mouth disease >_>