Tuesday, 5 August 2008

First MOSAIC.WAV keitai game theme 「おりじにゃ〜る!」

Not content with dominating the PC erotic game theme songs, MOSAIC.WAV recently expanded their area of expertise with their first cell phone game theme song. A short version MP3 is available for download. Actually I'm not sure if it's erotic, but eh, it probably is considering the title translates to "My wife is a homunculus" plus the game is designed to be played with one hand. Otherwise why would people bother buying and playing it? Well, perhaps for the theme itself, in this case, since getting the game seems like the only option for owning the full version of the song. As a bonus, it seems they are including a ring tone, so you can be slightly less obnoxious next time someone calls you while you're in class!

So how about a short review, ね?This is one of the cutest songs they have performed in a while. The game's main artist, who is really pleased with the result and MOSAIC.WAV's professionalism, seems to think it is really similar to 2006's 「ふぃぎゅ@」 and I have to agree, to some extent. It does contain the same saccharine vocals and mid-tempo pace laid on top of aggressive drum patterns. However it lacks a bit of impact and personality, factors which will probably improve once the full version is made available on their next album (as if it's not gonna happen!) An interesting fact is that Kayamori-san may have had little input in this one, explaining the apparent lack of game sound FX and experimental techniques. It so happens that 4-EVER (meaning both Koike-aniki and the very cute オカザキシュン) laid the song's foundations down, the extent of which is unspecified at the moment. Overall, it's not as over the top as I've come to expect from MOSAIC.WAV, but a little breather never hurts once in a while.

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