Friday, 1 August 2008

August is MOSAIC.WAV month at 電波の世界

Here at Denpa no Sekai, we don't fuck around the bush; we burn it down to the ground like a Californian forest in the summertime or Canadian igloos in the face of global warming. From August 1st until August 31st, we will be providing you with more MOSAIC.WAV coverage than the entire Internets combined have to offer. Why, you may foolishly ask? Long story short, because we can, and we will. Or perhaps it's a show of respect to their first participation at Animelo Challenge, a clear sign of prosperous times to come for the Akiba Pop unit. It could also be that my birthday is around the corner and that I want to live my life to the fullest before I die (no one lives past 30). Either way, there's nothing you can do against the incoming torrent of opinion, information and (hopefully) entertainment. Here's an incomplete list of what the ominous future holds:
  • Complete 「Amusement Pack」 review
  • Complete 「Space! Akiba-Pop」 review
  • Top 5 songs you've never heard
  • Comprehensive review of ALL official singles
  • A very special article that can't be revealed just yet
  • Multiple articles and opinion pieces
  • 1. MOAR (in September)
  • 2. ...
  • 3. PROFIT!!!
Of course there may be additional, non-MOSAIC.WAV-related articles popping up here and there, given that C74 is approaching rapidly. So does the whole thing sound too good to be true? It's going to happen, and if I could just ask something in return, it's that you faithful readers spread the word about this blog, its articles and of course the best denpa band in the world : MOSAIC.WAV. And by the way, if you're a long-time lurker or first-time visitor, feel free to introduce yourself in the comments section... the more of us, the merrier!

Finally, as you can probably see, we have awesome new banner art courtesy of mandichan. I just need to come up with a better logo...

Picture used with permission from おやまん.

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Anonymous said...

Woaaaaa I'm excited!!! >_< I want to read those articles!!!!
And the new banner is simply amazing ^^ Mandichan is GOOD! She's so lucky for attending to the next Animelo!
This is an excellent blog on the subject; more people should read it!
I'm really new in the akiba-kei culture and its music, but I've always liked manga/anime, and I really like Idols and bishoujos xD as well...There's an special connection, something like newbutold beats on denpa and akibapop songs...just addictive. Please keep working on this blog! (Sorry for the looong comment xD)