Thursday, 7 August 2008

MOSAIC.WAV to appear on AnimeTV [updated]

[video update] I'm not sure whether or not MOSAIC.WAV performed the song, but they at least they appeared before the camera for a short interview. They discuss the game itself and the theme song, the new eroge single which I will write about next week, plus they get to plug their performance at Animelo. Funny how Mi~ko appears taller than Kayamori-san!

[original article] I wasn't kidding when I said 2008 was gonna be MOSAIC.WAV's biggest yet. This coming Friday, they will appear on AnimeTV Japan*, a well-respected and long-standing 番組 which airs on various channels and features interviews with anime and game creators, as well as voice actors and other anime-related celebrities. Most shows end with a live song performance, recently-discussed keitai game theme 「おりじにゃ〜る!」 in this case. I have no doubt that Lantis arranged the whole thing, but I'm thinking that Koike-san pulled some strings in choosing which song would be performed, seeing as how he wrote it and all. It's not a bad choice as it is highly marketable, but it doesn't show them for who they really are. Also note that 3 autographed MOSAIC.WAV albums will be given away, they don't say which one but I'm guessing Amusement Pack.

Although over 400 AnimeTV episodes were made since 2000, only about a dozen are fully available on Nicovideo. There are, however, multiple interview and performance segments available, but you really have to know what you're looking for. This doesn't bode very well for us common folks without Japanese television, so unless a kind soul uploads the performance to Nicovideo or Youtube, forget about seeing this. In the unlikely event that you've got access to Japanese channels, here is the programming schedule for this particular episode of AnimeTV. I checked, and none of the channels offer online broadcasting. It looks as though cellphone users can freely check out interviews, but I doubt that would include performances. If anyone finds out how to watch it online, please let me know.

*Make no mistake, I'm not talking about the (defunct?) American version!




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電波の世界 said...

It looks as though the video was posted on nicovideo but removed just as quickly. The copyright infringement notice comes from Shangria... which is Sham Studio's legal representative. Hmm.

BUT! The video is still up on youtube. Somehow I misunderstood "promo appearance" for "live performance". The original post has been updated.