Thursday, 21 August 2008

Listen to the 「アカネ55」 soundtrack on NicoVideo

Looks like that mi~ko-sung Pachinko theme song finally got a release, limited though it may be. I asked fellow MOSAIC.WAV blogger 上条あきら where one could get his hands on the Comiket-exclusive 「アカネ55」 soundtrack CD and so far it seems the best option is this NicoNico video which some kind soul recently uploaded. As is the case with these album leaks, make sure you save the .flv to your disk before some evil legal entity requests its removal. I suggest the excellent NetVideoHunter plugin for Firefox. But if you get there too late, don't worry so much. The song is clearly not a Kayamori composition and suffers from repetition and lack of creativity. Mi~ko's vocals definitely makes it interesting though, especially thanks to her tantrum-like childish screams. Which almost seem ill-advised for a big market Pachinko theme song, but that just makes the situation even more surreal! Here is the tracklist. Note that mi~ko only sings track 1, and the others are really nothing worth writing home about.

5.アカネボーナス(BAR BAR BAR)(パチスロBGM)

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