Monday, 11 August 2008

GWAVE announces SuperFeature 10, goes for Gold

MOSAIC.WAV are not the only ones going through a hot summer of back-to-back releases, GWAVE are also celebrating their 5th anniversary in style. To commemorate the occasion, they've turned to Trustus Jones, famous record label owner who published "Sweat Of My Balls", CB4's only album. To quote the man: "Gold, gold, GOLD! If you can't trust me, you can't trust us!" Yes, their website was given a brand new paint job, but it retains all of its splendid functionality, which most Japanese game-makers should look into. Because we all know that these folks couldn't design functional websites if their life depended on it, so this is a nice change.

Much like I put up new banner art in celebration of MOSAIC.WAV month, this new paint job also accompanies the release of a new album from the GWAVE camp. As you no doubt remarked from the promotional banner, this one is called 「SuperFeture’s Vol.10 ゴールデン パロ・スペシャル」. You'd think that after years of typing it half-right, they'd get it right some day, but no they decided to make it worse and take out one of the useless vowels of "Feature". It almost reads like fetus too, gross. Sorry, sorry. Engrish is funny and all but sometimes it's really annoying. I think I'm gonna drop them a line...

So hey, about the contents of Vol. 10 itself. The secondary title is 「-May-Be SOFT Hyper Audio Fan Disc- 」 which suggests a compilation of previous theme songs for a specific game company, much like the last volume was a compilation of U's past FrontWing themes. It seems the company is celebrating 15 years of putting big anime boobs over endless scrolling text and calling it a game. So of course, GWAVE turns five, -May-Be turns 15, OMG we have to do something about this! The albums comes out September 26 2008 and so far, 5 songs out of 17 have been revealed, along with some BGM/drama tracks and the promise of a sweet not-so-secret-anymore track. The rest are, according to GWAVE, being "planned in complete secret", whatever that means. Total running length will be nearly 70 minutes.

Interestingly, ARM of IOSYS fame is listed as a guest artist. I could be wrong but this may be the first IOSYS/GWAVE partnership. I can't wait to see what song it is, I'm pretty much out of the IOSYS loop these days, but his hardcore electronic tracks never cease to amaze me, so I'm hoping for something in line with that. There is also Rita, but that is hardly a surprise considering her numerous past collaborations with GWAVE. Other producers include sumiisan (slightly known for his Prism ARK work), total punk rocker milktub (tons and tons of eroge themes, most popular for Green Green) and a couple of others whom I've never actually heard anything from, so this should be very, very interesting indeed.

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