Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Confessions of a MOSAIC.WAV doujin artist

I don't recall exactly just how I landed on おやまん (Oyaman's) blog, but I definitely remember how much his art impressed me. Reading the site, I found out he was a fellow MOSAIC.WAV fan so I dropped him a line to show my appreciation and things picked up from there. Back in high school, some of his work was published by Kodansha's Afternoon magazine. At the moment, he is hard at work on his first original manga creation, which should be available at the Winter 2008 Comiket. His ultimate aim is to become a professional writer and manga artist... but in the meantime, he is simply happy with posting highly-rated adult Touhou doujin on pixiv! But his true calling is original creations, so that's where he's headed right now.

Some of his favorite and most influential artists include BLANKEY JET CITY, サガノヘルマー, Peter Gabriel, 芥川龍之介, ZUN and Henry Darger (dude knows what's up). Of course MOSAIC.WAV is up there, as he considers them the best "metafiction music" artists in Japan. He does a one-man band for fun and they are one of his major source of inspiration... be warned that the sound is completely different! Here are some more of his amazing illustrations, completely inspired by MOSAIC.WAV's own character creations. In last week's interview, I made the suggestion that they should make an Akibattler manga... perhaps they could get this guy could to work on it? Click on them for the full size!

World's Strongest Melody Droid
(also the only one)

Pseudo-Science Falsie stealing glasses from Meganekko
Don't do that! She'll trip and spill white liquid all over her face!

What are you trying to hide down there?

Super AkibattlerxShibuyoung power ACTIVATE GET!

Magical HackerKuru Kuru Risku vs Nan Tera Onna no Ko
"Your horsemace is no match for my... finger?"

I got your ramen right here...
Except it's being eaten by the two pandas on my head.

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