Monday, 17 August 2009

PV, complete details for MOSAIC.WAV×鶴田加茂×初音ミク 「Heartsnative」

Shit just got very real in terms of official details surrounding the upcoming MOSAIC.WAV and 鶴田加茂 collaboration album 「Heartsnative」. Famitsu reports that the CD is expected to drop on October 21 2009 in two flavours: Regular (1,980円) and Deluxe (2,480円). The wallet-devouring edition doesn't have more songs, but does include a booklet packed with illustrations (from かんざきひろ), "behind the scenes" interviews and so on. More interestingly (from a purely logistical point of view), the deluxe edition is said to feature a "dress-up Miku" cover with up to eight different clothing items. Or none, if you so shall desire. Now that... is what we call going the extra mile.

As you can see from this news post, 「HATSUNEtive」 (one of the album's new songs) got its very own promotional video. Strangely the MOSAIC.MOV logo does not seem to appear anywhere. Though we only get a very short sample, it clearly indicates how Mi~ko and Miku will coexist. The tracklist follows. ◆ denotes a brand new song. However the first track is not a MOSAIC.WAV song, but their own take on the "unofficial" Miku theme song.

 3.電気の恋人 -I am Programmer's Song- with MIKU
◆4.server error
 5.キミは何テラバイト? with MIKU
◆7.Mimic me.

Furthermore, the second track is a re-release of a bonus song that was previously only available on the 特典CD which came as a bonus for preordering the excellent 「ラストバトル! アキバトラー''μ''」 2008 single. Way to cheat on your diligent early adopters, MOSAIC.WAV!


電波の世界 said...

That "HATSUNEtive" logo is so... Capcom-esque.

Gekkameron said...

I don't know why, but I can't get into Miku really. I liked her older original stuff from Re:Packaged and some others, but I just can't get into her anymore.

I'm not really that excited about this album. にゃんこライダー interests me more at the moment.

Anonymous said...

You know Gekka, I'm not exactly an expert on Japanese underground culture and all that stuff, but I read that this year's C76 was swamped with "new faces" and younger kids with their parents. The NicoNico effect is drawing in a new generation and while we're all getting sick of Miku, the artists probably haven't seen their sales diminish, so they keep churning out more Hatsune stuff.

That said, I think what MOSAIC.WAV have done so far with this trailer and their 2-3 previous Miku songs is slightly above par. If anything, we are getting new Kayamori compositions and I'm not one to complain about that. They are definitely teaming up with one of the greats so I wouldn't write it off complete if I were you.