Friday, 21 August 2009

C76: New とろ美 mini-album 「SECRETORO × MEROCONCERT」

As indicated by her repeat "Denpa Song Night" performances, Toromi isn't one to miss out on a big party! C76 was no exception, although she did not attend the Sunday event due to "poor health". Her new CD is a collaboration effort with めろこ, whose blog I can't find at the moment (some detective I am!) but they have worked together in the not-so-distant past, notably on the April 2009 「On Fight!-Full Chorus Version Vocal Disk」 album for a new Frenchbread game.

「シークレットロ×メロコンサート」 is a concept mini-album which, as you can probably gather from the title alone, revolves around the two "idols" playing a show in front of a massive (virtual) audience. It contains 5 brand new songs, all of which can be sampled at the official website. But in a nice twist, the CD also contains 6 MC tracks, which can't be sampled, but are most likely full of hilarious dialogue, if Miss とろ美's random internet antics are anything to judge by.

So not only is she a pretty good singer (by denpa standards, of course), but the girl can actually draw like a mean motherfucker. The adventures of her new character "Yutori" are shown online courtesy of Yomban, free of charge as usual. There's some pretty badass stuff in there, updated every week, so keep an eye on that.

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mandichan said...

I will be getting a copy thanks to chibi :D looking forward to it!!