Friday, 4 September 2009

C76: こなぐすり or how to milk a one-trick pony

I guess you could say that Conagusuri are Yet Another Touhou Arranging Circle (YATAC!) but they actually did try to roll out their own songs in the past, as well as publishing a killer Rockman arrange album. That all changed at C75 when they released 「東方對魔薬」 and its hugely-popular 「チルミルチルノ」 opening track. So popular in fact that they decided to hit C76 with nothing less than TEN different remixes of the same song. Although the above video features nine of those remixes, the doujin circle also had a "heavy metal" version of the song available on a separate CD.

The original song and video were a blast to listen to and watch respectively, although (especially since?) the composers clearly got influenced by we-all-know-who. But this so-called tenth album just feels like a wasted opportunity as ten versions of the same song is a lot to stomach, even for their diehard fans I'm sure. For a proper comparison, you should check out the original version, although it feels kinda cheapened by the sudden influx of remixes now.

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Pillow said...

Iosys tried the same with Marisa stole the precious thing... That was lame, and this is lame too.

I hate when they try to capitalize on one good song instead of trying to make more... Anyway the original was pretty fun to watch!