Friday, 18 September 2009

New Holic Service, U eroge theme songs; MOSAIC.WAV live dates

Bit of everything for you guys today. Let's start with an eroge OP twofer, beginning with Holic Service's first commissioned work! Congratulations to the budding duo... but is it just me or does this sound strangely similar to KOTOKO's timeless classic 「覚えてていいよ」? Nah, it's not just me, I ran it by a few knowledgeable sources and I'm not out of left field on that one. Run the two of them side-by-side and you'll see what I mean. That said, Holic Service's 「恋色CLOVER」 came out earlier this year on a sampler titled "KuKuDoDo feat. Gumi Works 3", but the theme song itself was only used by doujin company CLOVER in mid-August. Finally, Holic Service (along with Birdtune's mirin) will perform at 東方異変 ~真っ只中~, a rather large Touhou-oriented musical event this Sunday in Nagoya. The organizers put together a pretty awesome crossfade youtube video of all performing artists, some good stuff in there.

Let's go from newcomers to scene veteran. My favourite aspect of U's music is also what makes her boring to other people: it's damn consistent. She rarely puts out "bad" songs... or she rarely has good stuff if you're on the other side of the fence. Her "Program of Love" (「あいのプログラム」) is absolutely no different. Unlike HolicService though, U is not one to perform, not even on internet radio shows. That's kinda sad, but I wonder if I could get her to answer a few questions for Denpa no Sekai... hmmm...

Speaking of live events, one cannot ignore the huge efforts MOSAIC.WAV have been putting into claiming fans all over Japanese cities this year. According to mi~ko, they've played at least one gig per month since they launched 「Superluminal Ж AKIBA-POP」 on April 20th 2009. As predicted, they will perform at Toei's movie village on October 3rd in support of their third Uju single. A sample was released right in the peak of C76 frenzy, so you're forgiven if you missed it.

Finally, more details and artists have been confirmed on the subject of the Milk Lariat vol. 2 mega-event on November 29 2009, which has all of us foreigners foaming at the mouth. Milk Lariat opened up a complete website for this event (and its sequels), which now bears the subtitle "MOE COMPLEX" along with the mantra "MOE IS NOT DEAD!". It sure isn't, not with a quality lineup like that anyway.

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