Wednesday, 9 September 2009

C76: MOSAIC.WAV & Various Artists 「Apathy Sounds Collection」

I wanna say weird, but this is much actually closer to what the "official" definition of 電波ソング outta be. Sure, the video that accompanies 「パライソハレルヤスンバラリア」 amplifies that odd feeling, especially when the creepy-ass guy with a squid for a face kicks in at the 1 minute mark. That opening theme was made public sometime in late April 2009 but the full song came out at C76 packaged on 「Apathy Sounds Collection」, a mammoth 32-track CD from doujin game studio 七転び八転がり.

That CD also includes 「花一匁」, another new MOSAIC.WAV-composed track that was seemingly composed exclusively for the occasion. In contrast with the title of said compilation, this is one of the most involved MOSAIC.WAV songs I've heard in a while. Feel those blast beats!

Hey, today's 9/9/9! Happy Dreamcast day everyone!

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