Sunday, 6 September 2009

C76: Pictures from live MOSAIC.WAV performance

Comiket is the Grand Ole Opry of nerd counter-culture so it only made sense that MOSAIC.WAV would play a formal concert there one of these days. It doesn't have the same mainstream appeal as appearing on the Animelo stage, but regardless Famitsu and Pachinko Vista both recently featured blowout articles on the performance. Yes, that Famitsu, the one that breaks out all the fresh gaming news from Japan. It seems MOSAIC.WAV have gotten on the revered publication's good side ever since they announced their Hatsune Miku album and I suspect we'll see an interview there in due time.

So while Famitsu's article is pretty good overall, Pachinko Vista's coverage has some slightly more interesting pictures, including a bevy of cosplay photography that clearly illustrate Japan's superiority when it comes to dressing up like your favorite anime characters (although I spot a few brave foreigners in there). It's interesting that although the Bikini Pai song that sparked the event is a mi~ko venture (not even sure kayapi composed it!), MOSAIC.WAV as a band would still get to reap the benefits. Oh well, this is a sure win-win situation for everyone involved, plus you can bet your sweet ass there will be a third Pachinko theme song before long.

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