Monday, 28 September 2009

SallyCherry19 debut maxi single 「Very☆Lucky☆Sally☆Cherry」

ave;new's resident princess 佐倉紗織 is at it again with SallyCherry19, a brand new series that aims at mixing sounds of "Cute punk", "Dark gothic" and "Vivid girly" in her own words. Truth be told, the first two samples released on the official website don't sound too different from the average ave;new song, except devoid of any of this oddly enjoyable pseudo-trance/techno sonority most of their tracks are laden with, replacing it instead with catchy TommyHeavenly6-styled JPop. And whether they like it or not, I'm gonna slap the denpa label on this one because it's pretty messed up stuff overall. CHIHUAHUA PUNKISH? WHAT THE FUCK KINDA DRUGS ARE THEY ON? Wait, what's that sound? Oh yeah, Sid Vicious rolling over in his grave. Once again.

On the other hand, I'd expect no less from ave;new. Just hope SallyCherry19 doesn't take away too much from the recent spotlight they've been shining on the ave;new projecto series in 2009, (somehow I doubt it will). They don't seem to be aiming for anime/eroge theme production yet, strictly music for music's sake. If you scroll down the news box, you'll run into promotional videos for both Chihuahua Punkish and Usagi The Darkness, generated with the iDOLM@STER knockoff Dance×Mixer. The maxi single features two other songs, Very☆Cherry and Lucky☆Sally but they might as well be spoken tracks for all I know as there are no demos. Let's hear it from the Chiwakura fanclub!

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