Monday, 21 September 2009

New MOSAIC.WAV うじゅ song 「天真爛漫にゅばばばばーん」

Oh shit, I posted about MOSAIC.WAV's upcoming Uju/Eigamura concert but forgot to mention their new song 「天真爛漫にゅばばばばーん」 (MP3 / TXT). Thanks to Sham Studio for the reminder. This is most likely going to be the B-Side (or A? anything's game) to 「断罪あっぱぁくゎっと~秘伝飴鞭土下座道~」 (aka the DANZAI! song). There's little to dislike about NYUBABABABAN... it's fast, furious and definitely in line with the other Uju songs. But fuck these yearly singles, they're gonna have to do a full-on album sometime or other. At least compile all of these wonderful songs so us foreign devils can get our hands on all of them at once.

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GekkaMeron said...

I really like this. It's not going to be my new favorite anytime soon but it's really great regardless. I prefer MOSAIC.WAV doing faster paced, crazier stuff.

They could just compile an album of 魔法のおしごと knock-offs and I wouldn't mind. I think I am easy to please.