Monday, 20 December 2010

C79: IOSYS and TANO*C set to battle on disc, paper and stage

Something gigantic this way comes! On December 29th 2010, IOSYS and HARDCORE TANO*C will be locked in the ultimate DJ battle of the year. There has been a growing number of  intra-circle collaborations in the underground doujin scene for the past couple years, but this one takes the crown. A grand total of 26 artists will be collaborating: mangaka, illustrators, DJs, VJs, singers, graphics designers and so on. This isn't just a CD, just a manga book or just a split live set... it's all THREE at once! Let's start with the music.
  1. kz vs RoughSketch vs A~YA / Let Your Decks Be Played
  2. ono☆ken vs DJ ARM / THE BIG BERG
  3. REDALiCE vs Thanatos vs DJ 豚鼻博士 vs t+pazolite vs 野宮あゆみ / believe my soul
  4. t+pazolite vs DJ ARM / Rise Up 2 the Higher
  5. Thanatos vs DJ 豚鼻博士 / Ascension
  6. P*Light vs D.watt vs Nana Takahashi / A Night Before Revolution
  7. DJ 豚鼻博士 vs DJ 一戸建 / SUPER KIMOI
  8. RoughSketch vs Morrigan / DISTORTED WAVES
  9. DJ ARM vs DJ TECHNORCH / Beat to the Catastrophe
  10. REDALiCE vs DJ ARM vs 三澤秋 / Monomachia
All involved DJs will participate in one way or another to the 10 tracks present on disc. Four of them (presumably 1, 3, 6, 10) will also feature vocals. As you can see, DJ ARM is present on 40% of the tracks, so this disc is very relevant to 電波の世界 readers. You shouldn't have to ask "why", but the official MegaPeer website describes him as an "incredibly proficient denpa song creator" so there you go. Of course, REDALiCE is the second biggest attraction on this list (or first depending on your background) and then the other DJs are far, faaaar from being nobodies. There is no crossfade sampler to this day, but the soundtrack is  described as "club music" and songs are said to match the manga characters' personality.

Speaking of which, the CD will come enclosed in a massive B5-sized 150-pages manga book, with full color cover + flaps. The book will also feature cameos from such DJs as USAO, DJ Noriken, DJ-Technetium and crazy motherfucker kenta-v.ez., among others. Interestingly enough, IOSYS seem to portray the "good guys" (light blue) while HARDCORE TANO*C are clearly going to be the "bad guys" (aggressive red), especially when you look at the masked REDALiCE and t+pazolite as an evil clown. No matter who wins it in the end, this is sure to be one hell of a hot-blooded tale!

Finally, those of us lucky enough to be in Tokyo on January 8th 2010 can attend a MEGAPEER live event featuring all of the involved musicians. Namely, DJs from ALiCE'S EMOTiON, IOSYS, WAVE, onoken, Alstroemeria Records and many more circles will be tearing shit up all day long. This is most likely where the VJs will get their time to shine as well. There is actually very little info about this concert other than it starts at 2PM and tickets are available now through Lawson (code 70888). All of the latest details can be found at See ya there!!!

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