Thursday, 23 December 2010

C79: Cat-punching doubleeleven UpperCut set for round 2

Well, do you?
doubleeleven Upper Cut are about to change the game with their upcoming next-level denpa maneuver. How? Of course you would ask that question, hater. STOP HATING. And start playing this fatherfucking crossfade sample below (or download it), taken from the new compilation CD 「Do you like Upper Cut?? 2!!」. See how they don't mess around with punctuation?? That's SMART!! Here's the track list; 7-12 are karaoke versions.
  1. White Purity ~純白純真恋模様~
  2. Virgin Scarlet ~真紅の恋愛魔術師~
  3. Dawn to Azure ~決戦の夜明け、群青の空~
  4. shoot the bullet, silver bullet ~裏切りの鈍色銃弾~
  5. Yellow Sensation ~秋深し 黄色く染まる 修学旅行生(トラベラー)~
  6. Ring My Golden Bell ~聖夜に響け 黄金の鐘の音~

Let's back the fuck up. Like foxes on a henhouse, they stealthily released their debut album back in May 2010. As hard as I jocked them, the merciless slaughter was so abrupt that nobody noticed the ravage. But this writer, THIS writer right here, he still pumps those sick jams on a daily basis. The first volume had "LOVE" as a theme, with song titles such as "Love Infinity", "Love Messenger" and "Love Climax". Joan Jett said it best, Love is Pain, so get ready for a world of HURT if you haven't heard the first album yet... WAKE UP!

For the second album, they're gonna mix things up with an avant-garde concept: COLOURS. That's right. Let your perverted imagination run wild with tracks such as "White Purity", "Virgin Scarlet", "Yellow Sensation" and my favourite, "Ring My Golden Bell". As a reminder, these are eroge opening songs. If you still don't get it, hide your kids, hide your wife and hide your husband then check out Softhouse-Seal, the game studio which ordered all of these fantastic tunes.

To wrap things up, how about this nice 1-hour long radio show they just uploaded? It focuses specifically on the second volume (breaking it down song-by-song) along with all kinds of hilarious digressions. Finally, they managed to woo/trick 民安ともえ into inviting them to perform at her birthday show, where they will cover some of the long-standing moe diva's songs, presumably the more denpa ones. Already looking forward to the third volume in mid-2011, so don't let us down deUC!


Anonymous said...

deUC is pure denpa genius; can't wait to get my hands on the full album.

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