Monday, 13 December 2010

ACT: New unit featuring Ayu, Coda and t+pazolite

A thousand apologies to our readers who rely on our round-ups to pad out their doujin shopping lists... we made a monumental omission on our M3-2010 fall coverage! ACT is a new moe~dical sound unit with strong hardcore undertones, featuring nurse あゆ (IOSYS) and physician coda (COOL&CREATE) on vocals, as well as doctor t+pazolite (C.H.S) composing the music! This all-star trio released its first mini-album 「A+C+T」 on October 31st 2010, with the three following tracks sampled in this crossfade demo.

  1. Do love me!
  2. Key to lustiness
  3. 5分でわかるこれまでのACT

Since "topazo" composed all of these original tracks, this album comes highly recommended to his fans; especially if you're more into his リズナ collaborations as these new songs very similar. あゆ is no stranger to moe/denpa songs, having released an album of her own just a year ago. Coda is an interesting third pillar, as he provides male vocals. This is quite the rarity in this genre, but both vocalists complement each other very well.

All three tracks are worth listening to, but the third one really shows off t+pazolite's hardcore background. The BPM in 「5分でわかるこれまでのACT」 is relentless and heavily distorted guitars are frequently used. He even provides a few screams throughout this fantastic 5-minute odyssey. 「Do love me!」is a great choice for an anthemic opener, while 「Key to lustiness」 feels exotic and funky. Overall this is a fantastic offering from these three veterans, let's hope they can stitch up a full-length album in 2011!

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