Tuesday, 7 December 2010

C79: Let's start with an ave;new project-o update-o

Since ave;new projecto was the first denpa unit to announce its winter comiket goods, it's only fair to start our C79 coverage with them! On the other hand, much of the following information was already diligently covered by mandi on our twitter account, so nothing new here for some of you (fine) folks.

It appears all complaints directed towards ave;new's Momoe Paruchu figure (originally set for release in August 2010) were valid. ave;new acknowledged the situation and delayed its release to late 2010. Lucky for them, this coincides with the bi-annual Comiket event which is where they stand to make the most sales. Even if you're not a veteran collector, it's easy to see that the quality was much improved. Click the following links for high-resolution images: LIGHT version (regular release, Feb 2011), DARK version (C79 exclusive). Amiami is still taking reservations, but they haven't updated their images.

The 12cm POP-designed figurine comes with the new CD 「ぱるちゅの☆おやCHU」 but it doesn't seem like that album includes any new songs unfortunately. There are two remixed versions of older songs and that's about it, unless they're hinting at new material with the "and more..." heart-shaped cookie, but odds are this means a Momoe Paruchu drama track. But if you want new ave;new projecto music, then check out this next youtube video.

This is their one of their latest denpa song 「超越↑↑恋してナイしょ☆メア!!」 which combines 佐倉紗織 and 井上みゆ for maximum kawaii destruction. It was composed by doreCHU of course, and is the OP theme song to the game 『俺の彼女はヒトでなし』 which comes out December 24th 2010. In related news, ave;new will also handle the ending theme. Although it is not a denpa song, it does feature 白沢理恵 who frequently appears on projecto tunes, so fans should look out for that one as well.

And while we're talking about her, she also took care of two more denpa songs recently. The first one is 「イチャイチャ☆りちゅある!!」, a duet with Sakura Saori which came out this summer and will most definitely appear on A La Mode 3. The second one is quite unique, because 「ご機嫌ロマンス☆ラズベリィみさいる!!」 is used as the theme song to the manga 『絶対不発アトミックガール』 which got itself a free four-part reading on Youtube, complete with BGM!


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Paranda said...

Seems the status quo has now changed for the better. They recently talked about a new Shirasawa Rie track called "Heart PiyoPiyo Love Nyuunyuu." Supposedly it has various powers: Rie says it's so kyunkyun it will make hearts come out of your head, and according to a tweet by dRESS, anyone who listens to it will surely be brainwashed and unable to stop "nyuunyuu"~ing. That's some mighty big talk so I have high hopes for the song