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C79: IOSYS, ALBATROSICKS, DystopiaGround, Siestail +more!

We've already covered a bunch of hot C79 tickets but with the event happening in a few days, it's high time to finish our shopping list suggestions. Also worth noting: is organizing a group import until December 28th! New this time: it covers Days 2 and 3. If you want any of the following items and can't make it to Comiket in person, then that's your BEST option! Trust us, it feels good (man) to give these underground doujin artists your hard-earned dough. They truly deserve it too! As a reminder, here's what we already covered:
Now here are some more MUST-BUY items!!!

First up is a MONSTER of a Touhou Denpa record! And that's not even just our words, IOSYS themselves have dubbed their 16th album "NO DENPA NO LIFE". Strong words from one of the world's most notorious doujin circle!  Hot manly tears trickled down my cheeks when I first laid eyes upon this motto and the beautiful nurse trio which is sure to serve as the album's cover art. But that's not all: Queen とろ美 herself is singing the opening track「ロマンチック早苗ラブ」! Here's the PV and crossfade MP3.

Perhaps the greatest feature of 「東方云符不普」 (Touhou Unfufufu) is that it benefits from a strong theme. This isn't just a bunch of random songs, there's a focus on 電波系 in each and every song. Surely even regular IOSYS fans will appreciate this conscious effort, regardless of their views on denpa. Add yet another strong ingredient to this winning recipe: hardcore DJ uno (a.k.a RoughSketch) is contributing more and more songs these days! This is sure to win over a bunch of new fans... way to go IOSYS!

Still with IOSYS, we now have a second Albatrosicks tribute album! 「MERGE THE STRAWBERRY!」 features five tracks taken from all five of their official albums. There's a little bit of something for everyone this time around. For instance, the first track 「ミコリザ4世」 is a strong eurobeat flavoured remix courtesy of DJ Command. As an aside, this is the same dude who came up with the unbelievable 「アニメユーロベスト~School Edition~」 which is chock-full of pumped up anime theme songs performed by ななひら and ボク, among others! Tracks 3 and 4 slow things down, but REDALiCE made sure to end the mini-album on a high note!

nao's post-fripSide unit DystopiaGround is going to release a fourth album at C79! Simply titled 「#004」, it will feature an opening track by none other than ARM from IOSYS! There's also a rocking track by Demetori, a slow X-mas tune from 5pb president 志倉千代丸 and an upbeat little from 新井健史 (Araken), who is frequently in charge of her denpa songs (including her latest eroge song). Another strong DG release, nao fans don't miss up! All four songs can be sampled on the homepage.

Another Comiket, another badass album by C.H.S. head-honcho t+pazolite and his eternal vocal companion リズナ. Together at Comiket 78, they came up with the unique「Honey I Scream!」; too hard for denpa purists, too weird for JCore snobs... but absolutely PERFECT for crossover fans. t+pazolite is not afraid to tread uncharted waters and give us his absolute best material each and every time he releases something. 「RESetup;」 follows in that direction and offers 10 fantastic Touhou arrange songs, three of which include vocals from Lady Rizuna.

Speaking of Rizuna, she was once heavily associated to doujin circle Siestail, especially under her previous pseudonym 鈴木ななこ. These days she almost exclusively sings for t+pazolite, but that certainly hasn't stopped Siestail from releasing new albums! Their latest effort 「魔法のリップサービス」 (Magic Lip Service) is a concrete example of resilience shown by circle owner すぺらんかー (Spelunker). Since the late nineties, the circle went through a couple of mutations and featured tons of different vocalists and graphic artists, but he keeps trucking on. In 2010 alone, he has released ELEVEN albums on his label Siestail, quite impressive. The last one of the year is pretty damn cute and should please Touhou fans looking for something sweet.

How to prepare Toromi... the Toromi way! Denpa Queen とろ美 is cooking up a new album for Comiket 79! Very little information has been shared so far, here's what we know: 7 tracks total, two of them by ARM (!), one of them is considered bonus (?)... and this crazy cool illustration may or may not be the cover art. Talk about a multi-talented artist! Oh but track #3 「センセイ布告 」 was definitely released back in March 2010 on a self-titled single. Pretty sure that song was for an eroge ED, but no matter, one less hunk of plastic to hunt down! If you haven't read our 2-part Toromi feature/interview... WHY?!? Go read them now! Part 1 is a photo journal from a visit to Ryohoji and part 2 is an exclusive interview, with video! By the way, Ryohoji is releasing a second CD; although it doesn't feature new songs, it does include a lot of voice work by とろ弁天!

Finally, here are a couple of quick-picks:
  • Halozy are releasing TWO new albums for C79: 「Halozy Remixes vol.1」 (MP3) is obviously a remix album, while 「Cosmic Armonica」 (MP3) features brand new songs. Both have tracks with ななひら! That's all you need to know!!!
  • I've Sound will release a live DVD from their Summer 2010 SHORT CIRCUIT III concert in Tokyo.
  • No full-length album from MOSAIC.WAV (??!?) but they do have a fourth うじゅ CD!
  • SHOT MUSIC has a BAD ASS CD featuring 13 eroge hits remixed hardcore-style. 「SUPER SHOT3 -美少女ゲームリミックスコレクション‐」 has work from DJ SHIMAMURA, REDALiCE, DJ SHARPNEL (and more) as well as vocals from 民安★ROCK, YURIA, 榊原ゆい and more!
Check out the Denpa Watchlist on the right column for last-minute additions! Last post of the year for us!! Happy new year and/or see ya at Comiket!!! FOLLOW US ON TWITTER!!!!!!!

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