Friday, 10 December 2010

Exclusive interview with さつきがてんこもり (Studio皐)

さつきがてんこもり (Satsuki ga Tenkomori, from Studio皐) is a favourite here at 電波の世界. His first breakthrough hit was the "denpa hammer" song, which earned him permanent coverage on this site. From then on, he collaborated with ななひら, Birdtune, 天然ジェミニ and many, many more. His most recent claim-to-fame: he has contributed an ending song to 「俺の妹がこんなに可愛いわけがない」 (ore no imouto)! It features the lovely vocals of veteran seiyuu 田村ゆかり.

Satsuki was kind enough to take some time out of his busy schedule and answer nine of our questions. Since he's not exactly proficient in English, he answered one of them... with a song! (interview conducted October 2010).

- First of all, congratulations for winning the contest. How did you react when you learned the news?

I'm glad that I could support one of the hottest anime shows this season!
Akihabara and the "Big site" (a comic market place) are filled with posters of "oreimo" now :D

- After such a major milestone in your career, will you still write doujin music for Comiket and Nicovideo?

While I will pursue activities in the major scene from now on, I will keep contributing to doujin music and uploading songs to nicovideo.

- The signature Satsuki sound is deep groovy bass that cuts through like a chainsaw, with hyperactive drums that knock you out like a strong coffee. What are some of your influences?

Thank you for the description :D
I do focus on getting bass and drums to stand out in my songs. I am influenced by various artists such as MOSAIC.WAV, imoutoid, Yasutaka Nakata and more...

- How is creating songs for Hatsune Miku different from working real singers?

Since the default settings are not really good, Miku takes just as much trouble as a human being after all. Every good girl needs dedication!

- Just before you upload your newest creation to Nicovideo, how would you describe your feelings?

Whenever I upload my videos, I feel a bit nervous. It kind of sucks when there is little feedback too.

- Which software and hardware do you use to create your songs?

I use windows XP and tools such as SONAR and Reason. As for hardware, Roland's SC-88 pro.

- What songs do you play live?

Mainly my own music, but I also remix music from my friends. I play with a "no-hold-barred" style!

- You once told me that one of your English teachers didn't like you. What's the story?

Instead of going to school, I stayed home and played MMORPGs all day long. I did my best to avoid that teacher! This new song describes the experience...

- Despite this, do you think you will one day write a song with full English lyrics?

That's a possibility! But because I'm really bad, I will have to wait until web translation machines have evolved to the next level... XD

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