Saturday, 25 December 2010

C79: ちぃむdmp☆ and かたほとり take MOE to the MAX

Just take a quick look at the Denpa Watchlist to your right and suffice to say, this seventy-ninth edition of Comiket will be one for the ages. There is a sheer amount of mind-blowing original material coming out, including two of the HOTTEST moe~denpa albums to be released in recent memory (ever?). What's more, both 「プチリズムCHU」 (from Katahotori) and 「電波っぽいのっ!」 (from ちぃむdmp☆) share some of the same staff members, such as さつきがてんこもり and かたほとり on the producer front and of course both 桃箱 and 愛原圭織, the two girls from ちぃむdmp☆ appearing on both their own album and contributing one track to the other. Pure hotness overload, so let's break it down!

We've been covering 桃箱 (momobako) and 愛原圭織 (kaorin) as best as we could, ever since they started uploading covers to nicovideo under the "歌ってみた" tag. However, the two singers have only recently united their efforts on an official basis, giving birth to the latest denpa unit ちぃむdmp☆ (team denpa☆). What's more, this upcoming debut album will not be featuring their splendid covers which you can already download for free... instead, it will be TWELVE ORIGINAL SONGS! Start the below player to hear a full album sampler, or download it directly and make love, not war.

Is this high-quality denpa or what? Watch out for the third track, which is particularly violent and may leave you with a bigger nosebleed than getting a puck in the face. Our boy Satsuki composed the highly energetic fifth tune, which kicks in at the 1:50 mark. If you particularly enjoy the Xmas track (11), then you're in luck! The girls have graciously uploaded the full MP3 as a gift to all of their fans. Finally, you can also print this Comiket flyer and put it up on your walls!

Get ready for a mega meltdown courtesy of Katahotori and his loli-loving friends. His C79 compilation album 「プチリズムCHU」assembles a plethora of top billing doujin singers such as the aforementioned ちぃむdmp☆, kana, ココ and Nimo, but also the delectable ななひら who appears in two songs. On the backend, かたほとり himself came up with four songs, while さつき が てんこもり, きくお and まぞっぷ each provided two efforts. That's right, another TEN TRACKS of PURE 萌えソング bliss. Here's a sampler:

If this promo video doesn't load for you, then make sure to download the MP3 from nicosound instead. Again, how good is this eh??? Because of the staff crossover and the related themes, it's almost impossible to get only one of these two albums. You absolutely have to buy both!

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