Tuesday, 10 March 2009

MOSAIC.WAV announce 4th album, live tour

After a prolific 2008 that saw our favorite denpa trio blow up in more ways than one, 2009 has been off to a slow start so far. But this no-show was simply a guise until they could drop the megaton announcement that we were all expecting: FOURTH ORIGINAL ALBUM! Details so far are very sparse, it was first teased on February 28th, then formally announced March 1st and that's it! The usual "more details to follow" PR pitch is a given here.

There is however some accompanying artwork that is actually quite revealing (BOOBIES!). For one thing, the file is named jacket-l.jpg which more or less confirms it will be used as cover artwork. Just as interesting is the fact that it is stored in the 11superluminal folder which follows SHAM STUDIO's directory naming scheme for all of their previous albums/singles. Now the prefix lumin is latin for "light", that much I know. But this title is likely a reference to Faster-Than-Light communication which, by way of Einstein's theory of relativity, is more or less equivalent to time travel. Now look at that cover... get it? Remember our MOSAIC.WAV interview where they said they'd like to do a song featuring all of their old character creations together? Touché, Kayamori-san and mi~ko. Touch-the-fuck-é.

A live tour has also been announced along with 4th album. Although the dates and locations have also yet to be released, it can be safely assumed that they will be revisiting known locales such as Akihabara (duh), Shibuya, Osaka, Kawasaki and more. They could very well also be playing this year's Animelo Festival, but that won't be known until this summer. Now while you shouldn't count on them traveling to hockey-fever-stricken Canada or Obama-swoon USA anytime soon, a little bird told me that they won't completely ignore their international fans. It won't be much, but something is in the works has been worked on, it's just a matter of time before it's out there!

さあ。。。 let's conjecture BEGIN! The tracklist hasn't been released either, but we can easily figure out some of them, can't we now? As inferred, one of the new songs (likely the title track) will most definitely feature a plethora of new & old characters such as Tera-tan, Magical Hacker☆くるくるリスク, SPAM-Mailing girl and the pandamimi-wearing ramen delivery girl who, as far as I know, remains nameless. She probably does have a name, given mi~ko's extreme fondness of the Chinese language which she considers very 萌え (moe). That reminds me, I once joked that they should do an English song and she didn't flat-out reject the idea... think that's another possibility?

Now for more tangible possibilities, let's look at the songs which were released between their last original album (2006's Future-Fiction: AKIBA-POP!!) and this year's Super Luminal. First of all, SHAM STUDIO left a very clear note on the album's place-holder page: the CD will ONLY feature songs that are either brand new OR haven't already been released as singles. This of course rules out both of the fantastic うじゅ songs that came out late last year, not that licensing issues would have allowed this to happen either way. Unfortunately this also means that the brutal Gradius-tribute/second Naoko image song is bound to shine by its absence for the same reasons. The following however are all but confirmed:
Actually there are a lot more unreleased songs in MOSAIC.WAV's extensive repertoire that could be prime candidates but will likely be overlooked simply for being too old. This means I might as well give up on my dreams to one day listen to full versions of 2007's 「シリーシンフォニー」 and 「いつもあなたに恋してる」, the latter of which was composed by the elusive TOM-01. み~こ has a complete list of those unreleased songs up on her personal page. The nerd in me screams for a complete eroge collection, but I know very well they've had to give up many of these songs when they were sold to game companies. Enough for today! Now we play the waiting game...

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