Saturday, 28 March 2009

Conflict resolution through chichi ninja revolution

Is a neighboring country terrorizing your citizens with rocket attacks, countless air strikes and illegal territory occupation? Call the chichi ninja revolution squad who will solve all of your problems with their unique all-natural techniques. Just make sure you don't let The Zohan get too close to them...

The song used in the video is 「悲しみパトリオットGirl」, a 井上みゆ performance of a TONAKAI composition. The game came out during last year's C75 (so late December 2008) but the song has yet to emerge in full version form. Since this is far more of a serious composition than what we'd expect from team Love Bullets, it will probably make it on the unannounced-but-inferable "2008 2nd Experience" GWAVE compilation due out June 2009, rather than on a third LoveBullets album.

By the way, LOVE BULLETS II came out yesterday in Japan. Even though it's been covered to death on this blog, stay tuned for two more articles to wrap things up!

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