Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Momoi Haruko moving into kickboxer "fight song" industry

Ahh, the lovely 桃井はるこ (MOMOI Haruko). Such a joker, that lass. She recently launched her own label AKIHABALOVE RECORDS and hasn't wasted a single second, with her first single due out April 9th and a second one for May 27. More interestingly though is the recent announcement that her third self-produced single 「自演乙ソング」 will actually contain a new "fight song" to be used as the introduction theme of a professional Japanese kickboxer. Ehhh... April Fools', right?

Wait, what? This shit's for real?!? Awesome. Apparently this guy 長島☆自演乙☆雄一郎 (NAGAJIMA "Jienotsu" Juichiro) is the current K-1 middleweight champion but much like CM Punk, he comes with a unique "gimmick": he is a hardcore otaku cosplayer. Not only does he frequently dress up as Hatsune Miku or Suzumiya Haruhi, he also uses the Macross Frontier theme for his introduction sequence... up until now, that is.

The not-so-unlikely-after-all pair met late last year at some anime event in Osaka, where Jienotsu invited Momoi to one of his fights. One thing led to another and much to his joy, she agreed to write a brand new song for his opening act. His next fight is scheduled for April 21st (with the single launching on June 17) but already, this guy is pumped! To him, Momoi is nothing less but a goddess. In his own words, this new opening song will give him "Hyper-performing-myself-time invocation!" so let's just say that expectations are high: this theme song better deliver!

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