Saturday, 18 April 2009

ave;new delays 「A LA MODE 2」 once again

And they're not saying why either. Their second moe/denpa compilation album has been pushed back to mid-June, 06/12/09 to be exact. Recall that it was originally slated for mid-March, then mid-May and now mid-June. At least the above animation provides a bit more information on the tracklist, but it is still shrouded in mystery. One thing I can appreciate is that doreCHU is very upfront about the album being a DENPA compilation. Lately the term seems to have been eschewed a little bit from all major players. We've already discussed of its possibly negative connotations in the past.


On the other hand, vol. 2 of ave;new's "rare track collection" series has not gone through any setbacks whatsoever and hit Japanese music stores as expected on April 17th. If you can't physically haul ass and pick up your own copy in person, fear not. They released about a sixth of the album online in the form of a 9 minute long non-stop-remix that criss-crosses between the 13 tracks that make up "new;Fable". You can listen to it either via the embedded player on ave;new's homepage or by downloading it directly, courtesy of my xXx-treme "View Page Source" skillz.


Finally, ave;new will host their first Akihabara concert on May 11th 2009 at Club Goodman. The usual suspects will be performing but who knows if there will be any live Hatsune songs? There seems to be a new official fanclub in the making, but I don't really pay attention to these things. Full details here for those interested.

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