Tuesday, 28 April 2009

IOSYS demoes its upcoming M3 releases

The official "We Are IOSYS" website was updated today with crossfade sampler MP3s from two brand new IOSYS albums set to be released on May 5th 2009 when the 23rd M3 event hits Tokyo's Ota City. While the Comiket alternative is still far from threatening to overtake its big brother, it has significantly grown in scale as you can tell from this current list of participating circles. Already, the 24th event has been planned for this year's October, so that's one more thing to look forward to. Please note that the We Are IOSYS website also offers full lyrics to each and every track, simply by clicking the song names.

The first one, titled 「君と出会って二年過ごした私が 微妙に変わった理由」 is a compilation of brand new Hatsune Miku songs which will no doubt prove successful. The sampler reveals a variety of genres, including some strong rock tracks leading the way. Correct me if I'm wrong, but this might be the first IOSYS-produced Hatsune Mike album. But as good as Miku still sounds, it does look as though the aging virtual diva has stopped learning new tricks some time ago. Here's hoping the new vocaloids will be given more exposure in the near future, but at this rate...

The second album is 「Shall We IOSYS?」, the third volume in the recent 「We Are IOSYS」 series which previously featured 「We Are IOSYS」 in August 2008 and 「Are You IOSYS?」 in December 2008. Judging by the sampler, the same mishmash of musical genres marks a return, but the standout track looks like it will be "Chocolate Lip", produced by Innocent Key's yohine and sung by the lovely Ayu. The dark and gloomy "JOURNEY" should be interesting too, sung by the mysterious and karate-obsessed 龍波しゅういち. Overall, it sounds like IOSYS are finally managing to break free from their perpetual Touhou-arranging stigma and move into their own production domain.

That's not to say that they're going to stop producing their famous ZUN tributes. Certainly, M3 will be a good occasion for them to push their recent greatest hits compilation 「東方月燈籠セーフ!」 as well as their eleventh Touhou album 「東方超都魔転」 (English: "Just A Moment"), ARM's first solo album "BLOOM" and of course Monotone, ARM's first self-produced album featuring the deceptively-named Sapporo voice unit.

In related IOSYS news, their popular Princess Party opening theme "Princess Party~青春禁止令~" will be part of a vocal album compilation, also due out May 5th incidentally. The other songs weren't composed by IOSYS, but the prospect of a full-length version of said theme song is probably good enough for most fans. The question now is: will the full-length version of their PAI★TOUCH theme ever get a proper release?

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