Tuesday, 13 January 2009

New IOSYS eroge theme 「ゆっくり揉んでね☆ぱいタッチ!」

I say "new" but this is one of those things where I forget to post about a recent song until I am reminded of its existence on someone else's blog. Regardless, IOSYS are a tough bunch to track, which is mainly due to the fact that almost none of their non Touhou-related releases are ever promoted on their official website. A crying shame, really, because as you listen to the following eroge theme, you'll wonder why they don't do these all the fucking time...

You can download your own MP3 and high quality video at the PAITOUCH website. I'm just going to say this and most will probably disagree, but I'm sick and tired of all their Touhou rehashes. That's most likely how they earn their bread and butter, sure, but with songs like this and the equally awesome Penguin Musume ED, they have no reason not to start beating their own path (though I guess that's what they started Albatrosicks for). At least we can all agree on ARM being a true musical genius, with a long career still in front of him...

What also strikes me as interesting in this new game OP is the vocalist they're using. Sure, IOSYS have plenty of singers at their disposition, but this "momiji" character strikes me as new. Correct me if I'm wrong (mandi-chan) but she only started working with them since the 東方氷雪歌集」 album, then considerably lent her voice for the C75-released 「Bubbling Underground」 full-length album (more Touhou remixes). A bit of stalking googling turned up her personal blog as well as a cute new year cosplay picture.

Now don't get me wrong: I love MIKO to death, her unique voice (read: completely fucked up) truly put IOSYS on the map... but I'm liking what I'm hearing here. She's definitely got what it takes to become a notorious denpa singer and not just another random
声優. Although momiji is under contract with monotone (talk about a lousy/unfortunate name for a voice actress agency), I'm hoping these are but the baby steps of a long relationship between her and IOSYS.

UPDATE 02/07/2009: The long version of the song is also on youtube.

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