Tuesday, 20 January 2009

むすめーかー getting English fan translation, more gaming news

Trio of good gaming news for you folks today. Don't worry, they're all sorta denpa-related, in a way. First we have むすめーかー (Musumaker), the one loli eroge I can't seem to stop writing about. What else could there possibly be left to say? How's this: a group of fans have joined forces and are currently working on an English translation patch. The sample images don't look too promising and they likely won't be able to translate everything since the game uses a lot of text on images. However, there's no denying the small boost in popularity MOSAIC.WAV are sure to get outside of Japan once this patch hits the tubes, so thumbs up to whoever's contributing.

In other news, Atlus USA finally announced (after a month-long ESRB leak) that they were going to publish Steal Princess in North America. This puzzle-heavy action game was developped by Climax Entertainment, with staff pedigree including such classic games as Landstalker and Illbleed, so it shows a lot of promise. But the connection with this blog is that Atlus USA wisely decided to leave the original Japanese theme song untouched (I called it!). This marks (to the best of my knowledge) the first licensed 榊原ゆい (Sakakibara Yui) song to appear outside of Japan. It's far from her best work (and I've already read quite a few disparaging comments from American gamers) but it's huge step forward in her career.

Finally, a reminder to everyone out there that the same Atlus USA will soon release Legacy of Ys: Books I & II on February 10th 2009 for the Nintendo DS. As a total and complete Nihon Falcom fanboy, the prospect of this series getting yet another official release outside of Japan is driving me wild with glee. After all, the avatar you see on the right-hand bar is none other than Adol Christin, the serie's iconic red-haired and hot-blooded protagonist. Furthermore, here's an interesting link: the game's music was composed by 古代祐三 (Koshiro Yuuzou), who recently was in charge of the Etrian Odyssey soundtrack, which in turn spawned a very popular IOSYS cover album (containing the hit song F.O.E.)... and that's your obscure denpa connection of the day.

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