Monday, 5 January 2009

New YMCK full-length album, DVD... recipe book?

And we're back! Now that Canada won Gold at the WJHC, I can continue writing about denpa and crazy Japanese music in general. Hope everyone had a decent holiday break? I mostly spent mine grinding for levels in Persona 4 and fighting a new enemy in my very own house... BED BUGS. These sneaky bastards are hard to get rid of and sure love sucking on my blood, but I think I'm starting to get the best of them.

We start 2009 with some leftover YMCK news from 2008 that I completely missed out on, somehow. It seems just like last week I wrote about their two cover albums, so I apologize for missing this one. PerfumeCity user jigenbakuda was nice enough to point me in the direction of a brand new YMCK full-length album and DVD which both come out on January 21st 2009. Hardcore fans will supersize the combo and go for the full collector's meal which includes a ... recipe book?

Yes, a recipe book, because cooking in the main theme behind the group's fourth original album. Pretty brilliant if you ask me. The official website does not state if the DVD contains live segments, but it most probably does. Here's the tracklist for the album... you'll notice all the songs have something to do with cooking:
  1. おもちゃの兵隊のマーチ
  2. カレーだよ!
  3. サラダ・シャバダバ
  4. 三ツ星シェフの歌
  5. グルメなアイツ
  6. ふわふわ卵のオムライス
  7. 帰り道、晩ご飯。
  8. ワン!ダフル・チョコレート
  9. バンバンクッキング
In related YMCK news, they will be playing many concerts around the world in the coming weeks, just take a look at the Denpa Watchlist to your right for the details. One event that deserves further discussion is the upcoming 「ファミ詣」 (famimode) event with its all-star chiptune lineup and Famicom Battle (the fuck? are they playing some Battletoads?)

POWERPLAY are going to Japan all the way from Sweden, no doubt on the invitation of YMCK who played many Swedish shows themselves. Then there's also the eclectic duo KPLECRAFT, mostly known for their multiple contributions to the Namco Idolm@ster Famison series, but also the 2006 BlipFest performance. Here's a great recent interview with kuske, who makes some very interesting comments about the state of the chiptune scene in Japan.

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