Sunday, 28 December 2008

C75 items for new ミツメ書房 circle

Remember our short profile on 額縁あいこ and his stupendous MOSAIC.WAV fan art? Last time we heard from him, he was gearing up for a full original manga creation slated for a December release. Well he has finally gotten a proper circle together (ミツメ書房 or 3-Eyed Books) and will be participating at Comiket 75, just without said manga. On the other hand, the group will offer three unique items. The most prominent one, which is as good as sold out on the first day, is a set of four Touhou "metal badges" (what we call pins) out of 60 possible designs which will run for 500円.

But aiko-san and his friends are versatile artists and have been producing their own (fucked up) music for some time. Aiko himself will be offering a 17 track discography CD that also includes some live performances. You can check out some of his past music, but I think the songs have been re-recorded for this album. His lovely cosplaying friend risuko (who also sings for the eclectic H∞B) will have her own solo single, complete with a "comiket anniversary" song that is ubiquitous for the occasion. Careful guys, she's a self-proclaimed 腐女子 (right click -> Rikaichan -> laugh your ass off). Both albums also go for 500円.

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