Sunday, 14 December 2008

New U single 「GWAVE 5th Anniversary Festa! 」

GWAVE are feeling particularly festive this year, understandably so since 2008 marks their 5th year of business. Being the good sport that she is, U strapped on her guitar and whipped out two brand new songs, one of which is the official 5th year anthem and the other a celebration of comiket reaching a milestone 75th event. The single includes karaoke versions of both songs, here's the tracklist:
  1. はーてにゃ?(Comiket 75 celebration song)
  2. love-go-round (GWAVE 5th Anniversary song) (MP3 Sample)
It's a little disappointing that U's new song 「GO GO☆ら~びゅ」 wasn't also included, but all signs point to her getting another compilation album in mid-2009... so we'll just have to patiently wait. For the occasion, limited represses of U's 「Ultra:U」 & 「U☆MYSTAR」 albums will be available. Furthermore, GWAVE are warning C75 attendees that the "celebration single" was also pressed in ridiculously low quantity, so please RUSH OUR BOOTH AND GIVE US YOUR MONIES NAO.

If this is your first time hearing about GWAVE or U, consider reading this introductory article.

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