Sunday, 23 November 2008

New U eroge song 「GO GO☆ら~びゅ」

U is a bit of a sporadic one, isn't she? Her website rarely gets updated and she hasn't actually worked on any new song this year -- until now that is. Young but prolific eroge studio Shakunage Soft will soon offer their third title of the year, also the first one to feature a denpa opening song. Conveniently dated for Comiket 75, the brutally long-titled 「オト☆プリ ~恋せよ!乙女王子様♪ドキドキウェディングベル」 or, wait for it, "I've fallen in love with my Little Brother! Maiden Prince ♪ Wedding Bells Excitement" is sure to raise quite a few eyebrows thanks to its clever bishoujo role reversal storyline. I'm not going to spoil the surprise here, just smugly redirect you to the NSFW gallery section for the 1-2 sucker punch.

Back to the song itself, a short version was made available on October 30th and more recently you can also download a massive 200MB trailer if you've got bandwidth to spare and a vested interest in the game. It is definitely standard U fare, right down to the barrage of La-La-La's in the opening seconds and the overwhelming outpour of sugar-coated vocals that follow. As usual, the lovely U wrote and composed everything by herself. The guitar lessons she received from Koike-aniki definitely show as she rips through a couple of respectable solos and machine guns her listeners with trigger-happy rapid-fire palm muting. She still arranges her drums to be so loud and furious that they ridiculously overpower other instruments including her own voice, but that's just how this writer likes it. Don't ever stop fucking up people's perception of Japanese music, you hear that U? ♥♥♥

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