Wednesday, 26 November 2008

New MOSAIC.WAV eroge OP 「きみにおねがい!セキュリティ」

Two days before the official release of the new うじゅ single, Sham Studio sends word of a new MOSAIC.WAV eroge anthem and MOSAIC.MOV intro movie! Go right ahead and download the short version of the song, as well as the splendid intro movie that is definitely NSFW (as is the rest of the game's website). First things first: yes, you read that katakana right. The name of the game is SEMEN SECURITY. Semen motherfucking security. What. The. Fuck. That's hilarious! Because nothing spells out peace of mind like a good old money shot. Scope out the logo, dripping with the stuff! It barely gets any more upfront than this, outside of possibly sticking a pair of boobs in the emblem.

Much like the raison-d'être of the game is given away with said logo, the gameplay itself does not look to distinguish itself too much from other adult video games. On the other hand the characters themselves look like a varied bunch, which could spike up interest in this title. The passive-aggressive big-breasted maid and feisty schoolgirl are to be expected in any self-respecting eroge, but a gaming loli and a tsundere drug addict? Now you've got my attention. Despite "2009" appearing in the title, the game will obviously be released at C75.

The song 「きみにおねがい!セキュリティ」 (Give me security!) is once again proof that Kayamori-san's deep pool of imagination has yet to run dry. Although in surface the song is definitely in line with their previous eroge offerings, there are strong qualities which sets it apart. The first thing you'll notice is a more subdued mi~ko, with some vocoded parts that are probably the result of Kayapi's first experiments with his Protools upgrade. If you pay close attention to the rhythm section, you'll come across an hyperactive bongo which single-handedly increases the pace of the song, because faster is better! There is also a great variety of open/closed high-hat alternations that give a swift and refreshing feeling to the song.

You will notice that Koike-aniki did not provide a guitar section to this preview, but that could possibly pop up in the full version. Regardless, the end result is a strong piece that bears connotations to 2006's critically-acclaimed "Space Akiba-Pop!" and sparks hope in this reviewer's heart for a proper fourth full-length album. Because if the other original songs are anywhere near as good as the two recent Tengu anthems, then we're headed straight for the Holy Grail of Denpa, mark my words.


Anonymous said...

Oh gosh, how did I laugh? With that logo and that title... I think I'll play it just for the lulz.

Anonymous said...

Remember kiddies, the security of your semen is vitally important.