Thursday, 27 November 2008

New MOSAIC.WAV keitai OP 「オコサマオトナナオサナナナ」


*ahem* MOSAIC.WAV have just released their second OP theme song in as many days. I'm sure you'll excuse my excitement, hopefully partaking in my ceremonial expression of joy while we're at it. This announcement comes right off the heels of the "Semen Security" (maybe I should stick to katakana for that title) game theme song, but the difference here is that you can purchase the game 「おとなりはみんなおさななじみ」 (translation: blah blah childhood friend adult situations blah blah) right away for the mere sum of 315円. Additionally, since this is a cellphone game, you're automatically entered in a fantastic contest: a chance to win your very own brain tumor! Hurray for the double-edged sword of technological convenience!!!

As with the majority of MOSAIC.WAV theme songs, you can sample it in two different ways. A short version MP3 or MOSAIC.MOV-produced demo movie (high or low quality). The latter of which surprisingly does not contain H-scenes at all, so it's totally safe for work and family members who love to peek over your shoulder. In fact, the game looks pretty tame, which is to be expected given that the whole point of keitai apps is to be able to play them outside of the dark confines of your parent's basement. Overall the game looks like a flat visual novel based on an insipid storyline featuring equally dull love interests. But given that the package probably includes a full-length song download link, the 315 yens sound like a wise investment, monotonous game or not.

Let's take a closer look at the song, then. It opens pretty much right away into a drama scene between the four characters... which are all voiced by mi~ko! She explains that the game does not feature a vocal cast (it's a cellphone app, after all) so they pitched the idea of her doing four different voices in the same song. The result is pretty seamless and even got me confused when I first heard the song without knowing it was her. GJ! She also compares the experience to 「三つ巴 -motion ~triangular fight」 in which she performed three rather different voices. Apparently, the demo movie is also one of her favorites so far, although most will agree that they all look fantastic either way. There are hints of electric guitar right in the first 6 seconds of the song, but the majority of the instruments are straight out of Kayamori's bag of crazy tricks.

The song ends rather abruptly after 1:17, easily their most abridged "short version" track ever released. It's free, so no one should complain, but you're still going to get this feeling of getting short-changed. Much like their previous keitai song 「おりじにゃ〜る!」 which was incidentally composed for the same company back in August 2008, 「オサナナナ」 (for short) will not win them any Craziest Denpa Song Of The Year award (because they're winning it anyway). It's a situational piece that applies exclusively to the characters of the game, so I'm not expecting the full version to show up on their next compilation album, whenever that drops.


Anonymous said...

I found this blog 2days ago and
I Surprised that the foreigner knows Mosaic.web

I want to speak English fluentry,
to communicate OTAKU in the world.

Thank you reading this goddem comment.
I root for your blog!

電波の世界 said...

Well, thank YOU for the goddem comment! (LULZ)

As you can see, there are not too many comments here. The majority (nearly 50%) of visits to this blog are from Japan. People are probably shy to leave messages. But I like to think that they are brushing up on their English while reading my articles.

I'm not sure I would call myself an OTAKU but I am definitely obsessed when it comes to things like MOSAIC.WAV, denpa music, anime and video games. I believe the best way to go through life is to surround yourself with the things and people you love. Reject everything else!

If you want some English practice, maybe you could compare the English and Japanese versions of my MOSAIC.WAV interview! Although in the end you will probably expose all the translation mistakes I've made! I've definitely seen some comments out there making (light-hearted) fun of my Japanese (T_T)

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