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Saturday, 15 November 2008

CD検討: MOSAIC.WAV 「天狗流三段構えアプローチ」 + Live Report

Set to be released on November 28th 2008, MOSAIC.WAV's second うじゅ image single has already been gracing the tumultuous internets for the past couple weeks, due to it being available in advance at the 『太秦戦国祭り 上洛ライブ3D』 event which will be discussed further in this article. This single has been announced as far back as July 2008, with short previews of both songs trickling out in July and September respectively. Five months is an eternity in the world of denpa, where releases often come out of the blue (SPAM Mailing Girl was announced two days prior to C74). As you can imagine, this enormous buildup (compounded to the fact that last year's うじゅ was nothing short of phenomenal) has been driving MOSAIC.WAV fans wild with anticipation: will they once again be able to outdo themselves and shatter the very definition of denpa as they have so often done in the past?

1. 天狗流三段構えアプローチ
The song opens with the audio equivalent to Trompe-L'œil art, at least to unseasoned MOSAIC.WAV fans. That is to say, a swooping and engrossing introduction occupies the first 20 seconds, completely disparate with the wacky & wild direction they are known to take their songs in. But that is just a guise to transition in with even more gusto the strongly UNDER17-flavored rock'n'roll riff that is clearly a Koike concoction. As mi~ko delivers her violently cute vocals in prevision of the main course, it is already obvious that the song was lovingly crafted and that no corners were cut. But it is precisely when Kayamori-san's raging and virulent pulsewaves and explosive sound effects kick in that the trio's chemistry can be presented as tangible evidence.

There are at least 7 different phrases in this song, and the fact that none of them feel out of place or extraneous is a testament to Kayamori-san's creative genius. Better yet, tucked right in the middle is a straight up metal part that would certainly draw jealousy from the JAM Project, if they weren't busy being so awesome all the time. For just about 40 seconds, Koike-aniki takes center stage as he whips out some of his most blazing solos ever recorded. The whole thing ends with a wicked progressive rock part that comes directly out of Kayamori's influence repertoire, as he previously revealed to us.

But of course the song isn't done for another minute, wrapping things up lyrically with one of the most engaging tales that mi~ko has ever written. Intermediate Japanese culture skills are required to understand most of the lyrics as they deal with Tengu, a mythological topic that has been passed down for thousands of years (we're talking year 700 and up). Let's just say that MOSAIC.WAV have definitely done their employer proud in terms of furthering the popularity of their mascot character うじゅ... could a radio show and more licensed material be far behind?

2. ねばねば・スイーツ
Whereas the opening track was definitely on the "serious" tip, the second song pulls an about face in which mi~ko exposes うじゅ's biggest weakness: sticky sweets... that entangle her wings! This lighthearted approach to storytelling requires an equally blithesome musical accompaniment, which is just what Kayamori and Koike set out to do. But regardless of the risible plot line, one of the most striking aspects musically is the sense of urgency that is carried through constantly pounding synth pulses and and complex 8bit arpeggios that adequately bring to mind scathing images of bubble gum stuck in your hair. Oh, the horror!

Despite the grandiose composition aspect, this review would not be complete without giving praise where praise is due. mi~ko passionately emits some of the most compelling and over-the-top sung parts she's ever delivered. Because honestly, this is more of an elaborate drama scene put on top of an instrumental track than a proper song per se. The way she goes "nebaneba" (ad infinitum) is almost horror-flick worthy, which is probably what she aimed for in the first place. These eclectic vocal patterns (laced with a multitude of oh-so-Japanese onomatopoeia) are found throughout the song and are fantastically complemented by the hectic underlying instrumental track.

Though many observers have felt this way for some time, it is now completely safe to refer to MOSAIC.WAV as veterans of the denpa scene. This isn't just another image single for anime studios to gouge their fans with, nor is it force-fed filler tripe that appears on so-called "idol" full length albums. This is pure and unadulterated nectar from the denpa gods themselves. Put some time aside and listen to the "Off Vocal" tracks with a clear mind; let it all in. Go ahead and identify the multiple complex layers that make up the songs then just try, try to imagine how long it would take you to come up with something similar on your own. mi~ko, Kayamori and Koike are in a league of their own, indefatigable and challenged only by their own limitations. We're dealing with pros here and I can honestly tell you that I'm proud to be, in my own way, part of this moment.

Furthermore, axive recently put up a live report of the 『太秦戦国祭り 上洛ライブ3D』 event which took place on October 18th 2008. It looks as though our favorite trio was conveniently dressed for the occasion, which proved very popular with the large crowd that showed up. The author praises MOSAIC.WAV's professionalism both on and off-stage, as well as commends them for taking the Akiba-pop sound out of Akiba. He describes the audience as extremely enthusiastic and diligently responding to every crowd call. It's a crying shame that Japanese folks are so respectful of the "no-camera" rule because I sure would love to see some footage. Here's the complete setlist, taken from old reliable Moonsight:

1. 天狗流三段構えアプローチ
2. 最強○×計画
3. ねばねばスイーツ
4. めがねでねっ!
5. うじゅたま☆うじゅりんぱ
6. 電脳合戦×うじゅの陣!
7. 洗脳・搾取・虎の巻
8. ガチャガチャきゅ~と・ふぃぎゅ@メイト

His first comments on the event is that ヲタ芸 (otagei) was prohibited from taking place, though this is much more likely to be a house rule than MOSAIC.WAV's wish, as opposed to the whole Sakakibara Yui drama/fiasco. He also finds it quite funny that the encore made up for one third of their set. CherryBreeze describes his personal experience during each of the songs. He says the live event lasted one hour and was incredible fun. Already, he's predicting and looking forward to a third うじゅ single and live concert. Finally, suke-san also does the play-by-play description but more interestingly, describes how he managed to meet all three of them and obtain their signatures... which he will treasure and pass on to his children (should this ever happen). MOSAIC.WAV fans are great folks, the lot of them!

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