Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Saori@destiny debut album gets DENPA track

[UPDATE] Short samples of all tracks can now be streamed or downloaded individually. Highly recommended!

[ORIGINAL] And by DENPA I don't mean denpa, I do mean DENPA as in the production group / ultimate party motherfuckers from Tokyo. Incidentally, the track will probably be of the denpa variety, considering the wacky arrangements the sound unit has been pumping out. Confused yet? That's OK, this is after all the first time both Saori@destiny and the DENPA group get mentioned on 電波の世界. Rest assured they will both be given appropriate coverage in the future, but for now let us focus on the release of her first album 『JAPANESE CHAOS』, due out on November 19 2008.

Saori@destiny is a rather new singer which got her first "hit" in late 2007 upon the release of her single "my boy", which was associated to some PC game called Secret Online. Despite her cute looks, it wasn't until the May 2008 release of her second single "sakura" that she really started turning some heads. While her general genre is considered to be "techno-pop", she has a refreshingly unconventional flavor due to her hundreds of live street performances and close working relationship with producers such as the aforementioned DENPA and 8-bit mastermind higedriver. According to Saori's website, the album will feature 10 tracks, 6 of which were previously unreleased. Shangri-la (track 1) has made its way online and a remixed version of Sayonara Revival (track 2) can also be found on youtube. Here's the complete tracklist:

3.My Boy (new vocal styling mix)
4.chemical soda
5.My Way
10.サヨナラリヴァイバル(DENPA rmx)

Additionally, she is slated to perform alongside ARM, quim, blasterhead and USK (among others) on November 16 at Shibuya's axxcis club for the occasion of DENPA's 8th party/show... more on that later.


Nadirah said...

I'm glad; I like her, but there are only a few of her songs which are really good. Hopefully with these producers we'd get something great :D

Anonymous said...

...I didn't know half of this. You're really good at writing up descriptions.

Anyway, I can't wait for the album to come out. The singles weren't great, but they were enough to keep me interested. This DENPA track sounds interesting, too.

電波の世界 said...

Well friends, looks like short sample of all tracks were released on November 6. Check them out ASAP!!. Each video has a 1:25 long sample of 2 songs. You can also get them individually from her website, but ASX files don't work well on my end.

I'm especially fond of the DENPA remix and "Chemical Soda", as I expected to be. However, I really like how she's described: テクノポップの異端児 or L'Enfant Terrible of Techno-Pop! Fuck yes she is.

Anonymous said...

OMFG chemical soda made my penis hard! Hikari revival made me cum.... Most definitely worth checking out!

But she really really reminds me of aira mitsuki
(which is good :) ) Can't wait to hear more from her.