Wednesday, 10 December 2008



Today marks the release of the second MOSAIC.WAV-composed Naoko-san manga theme song! The lucky bastards who get to buy the special edition of the "2nd Impact" will be rewarded with a bonus CD containing said theme song as well as a karaoke version, but no crazy/drama track like they did for the first edition of the manga. For the rest of us lowly commoners, we may feast over a 1:40-long short version of the song.

The bonus CD was first announced on November 28th with the tantalizing but cryptic description of a "Shooting Game inspired song" appearing on the manga's official webpage at Dengeki Comic. They sure weren't lying to us! The song is less of a Naoko-san bonus item than it is a freakin' Gradius homage, which mi~ko herself considers the most famous STG series ever. Whereas the 「天狗流三段構えアプローチ」 single clearly illustrated Kayamori's prog-rock influences, this song explores his video game past. Of course, the song is drenched in pure MOSAIC.WAV creativity, energy and allegro thrash/punk beats that hit at a sharp 160BPM.

Mi~ko's participation is nothing short of splendid, but you'll have to listen to the previous naoko-san song to know what I mean. She clearly took into consideration the popularity of the previous song and went for some of the same vocal patterns that made it so unique. The result is a track that, while completely different musically, is definitely part of a "series" that will hopefully spawn a third offering. The final thing to look at would be the lyrics. In our MOSAIC.WAV interview, Kayamori said that the first Naoko song was his favorite in terms of lyrical contents, because of its themes of growing up into adulthood. This one looks like it's more on the hilarious side of things... but I have a feeling you guys will find out soon enough!

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上条あきらさん has some pictures of the bonus CD, as well as a high quality scan of the jacket artwork!